Sep 18, 2014

Has it really been....

...that long since I last posted?

Well, time and real life does fly by when you are busy. I was prompted the other day by a good friend to maybe revisit this blog. But what do I write about? There is so much to say and yet, today I find myself not really wanting to say anything at all. I am in one on those moods. I guess I could be clinical and do a point by point on the happenings of the Sprite family.. I guess I could do it that way. But that's not really exciting isn't it? Anyway seems like, for now, until I get my "blogging" grove back, that is what you will have to contend with..or not.. 

ME: Well I have had a cancer scare (don't worry, all is well). But coming out of that I was FINALLY diagnosed with having Endometriosis. You have no idea what a relief it is to finally have a name to this terrible debilitating pain I experience every month. My little sister has it to and she even underwent the surgery. Not that it worked.. those little Endo buggers do like to grow back. I opted to go the less invasive route and am on a low dose of the pill, which delays my period so that I now only get it every three months. Four times a year. I am yet to see if the pill works in stopping the pain as I don't have a period due until November. Only time will tell. But hey, only having to deal with excruciating pain only four times a year? I don't really care if it works or not. 

I have registered my name/art business and will be making a web site soon. It's very exciting :)

My eye is still stupid. I have lost a bit of vision from it but at the moment it is stable. I just have to bombard it with steroids whenever it flares up.

HUBBY: is fine. He had his Defibrillator put in last year and it all seems to be working. He is now the proud owner of a Brown belt in Karate and is working hard to get to black. At the moment he is a happy chappy, doing up a second car for us. He is in his element under the hood of a car. 

SON: my teenage Aspie boy has had his ups and downs. We put him into normal school this year. At the beginning it was a little rough for him, as he didn't get the concept of homework and assignments being due when they are due. Time management was an issue. He made friends quickly though, which was good. He has settled down into school life now and rides to school every day. 

He is also a member of the AirForce Cadets here. He absolutely loves it and is considering a career. 

He is becoming more and more of a genius when it comes to anything technological, sometimes he even surpasses my Hubby, who has had many years in the IT industry. 

FAMILY: Well mostly no news when it comes to my family except for my Dad being diagnosed with Lung cancer. It was a bit of a shock for all of us. He has been having chemo and was not very well for a while, until the doctors found he also had a bad infection, caused by the cancer. That was treated and his health started to pick up. Then we had another set back and the doctors had said that his long term prognosis is not good. While the cancer is stable, it is no longer curable. In saying that, he is doing well at the moment and has even started up a few hobbies. He rang me excitedly today and told me about his new wood burning project. While we were all pretty much prepared for the prognosis, it is still scary. I mean, he's my Daddy. I'm sure you know what I mean. 

We almost bought a business. It was a cute little homewares store and Hubby and I were very excited about it. But then things started getting dodgy and the seller and her Solicitor got nasty and Hubby and I didn't like how it was going, so we terminated the contract. Unfortunately the seller does not wish to re-negotiate the contract and so that door has closed. Yeah, we were pissed off. 

But, we do have another little business we looked at before that we might buy. It's an antique/vintage/second hand shop and it's adorable. Really cheap and doable with the money we have. Considering Hubby and I set up our own company and family trust, then we have to do something.. otherwise we are this entity with no substance to it.. haha.. 

OO! I almost forgot, son and I went Whale watching...but that I will leave for next post :) 


  1. oh my so much going on!! Glad that a large part of it is quite good, can't wait to see the new website!

  2. Happy to hear from you Sprite! So many challenges for you but a few joys too. I'm looking forward to your website.

  3. This made my morning! Well, except for the news about your Dad. Sorry to hear about his diagnosis, Sprite. I wish him and your family the best.

    Sounds like you've been plenty busy on your end. The news about your hubby and son is especially uplifting. Go them! And go you, with your burgeoning business ventures. I sincerely hope it all works out! :)


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