Jan 24, 2012

Bad news...

Don't you hate it when someone says that? You immediately think the worse.. someone's died.. or something else equally horrible..
The other day, after fetching a few groceries, Hubby walks through the door and says "Bad news".. all terribly serious. My heart does a little flip flop. I am thinking holy crap what's happened? Do I really want to know..? I thought he'd had an accident, or ran over something fluffy...

Anyway, he then proceeds to tell me that the back passenger door of the car isn't locking. 
.....that's it?

I then calmly ask him if there is some way to disable the door handle until we can get the parts to fix it... he googles it and yes. There is. Crisis averted.

Bad news..? No. Just mildly inconvenient news. 

So MY mildly inconvenient news is that I didn't get the job. It seems he wants someone who can walk in and magically do the job to his unrealistic standards without any instruction at all. Even though I did hit the 30 books and hour a couple of times, it appears that not doing it every time (again, I was still learning the ropes..) isn't good enough. Oh well.. 
At least he paid me in cash for my efforts. Lovely, tax-free cash..

Ah well.. back to the job hunt...


  1. You say "mildly inconvenient." I say "sucks."
    Good luck with your search!

  2. I'm a lot like your hubby. To me, something like that *is* bad news. It might be a guy thing. :)

    And, so sorry about the job. That truly sucks! I'm wising you lots of luck in continuing the search. *HUGS*

  3. Sorry to hear that. The job, that is. Our right passenger door won't lock/unlock either. I just ignore it.

  4. I'm sorry that this job didn't work out. I hope that it means there is a better one waiting for you to find it.

  5. I have a feeling that you'd of had a hard time working with that guy.

  6. Thank goodness you don't have to work for him. Now you can find a job working for someone who appreciates your skills.

    I'm glad it wasn't really bad news! That kind of news usually comes after midnight and wakes us up from our sleep.


  7. @Al thank you :)
    @David thanks..and yes I got stuck right back into the job hunting :)
    @CWMartin thanks :) lol.. we don't want to wake up in the morning to see our car stolen though...
    @Meg I am hoping that to, and thank you :)
    @Stephen you may be right, he did have that type of personality that I didn't warm to.
    @Carole thanks, yeah I agree. Oh I hate those phone calls...
    @Dbs hopefully very soon...


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