Jan 1, 2012

The Unfortunate Chicken..

So how was every ones New Years Celebrations? The Sprite family had a nice one over at friends. Sprite had more bubbly, and food, and cake! Cupcakes to be exact..
For dessert I made these little babies..

White-chocolate Mud cup cakes with white chocolate ganache topping and chocolate sprinkles! WOO! What a mouthful. (pun fully intended)
Anyway... I was not allowed to bring the remaining three home..that's how much they loved them...

You are perhaps wondering about the title of this post.. well....
For Christmas Hubby had planned his yummy chicken and bacon stuffed roast chicken.. He had prepared the stuffing before hand and frozen it in a log shape..thinking that it would be easier to "insert" into the chicken when the time came to cook it. After a bit of grunting and a lot of swearing I finally ventured into the kitchen to see what the problem was and was confronted with THIS...

...I warn you, it's NOT pretty..

....last chance to look away..

OK but I DID warn you...

Seems it is not such a good idea to freeze the stuffing and then try to shove it up a chickens butt.
You live and learn...

"Don't you dare blog this..." Hubby warned me...

"cause I won't Hun..." 


  1. ew! but those cupcakes look mighty fine!

  2. I can really sympathize with your chicken dilemma. As you probably know from my recent post, Whattheturf*#ken, I had a similar tale of woe. Happy New Year.

  3. @Symdaddy I know :)
    @Sherilin they were mighty fine indeed
    @VInny no but it DID taste good
    @CAMB Thanks! Same to you :)
    @Stephen I will go have a read... Same to you and yours.

  4. Ahh! Unfortunate chicken indeed! I hope your New Years Day didn't come with the unfortunate effects of previous nights drinking...like mine...sadly for me...


    You lulled us into relaxation with the delicious looking cupcakes and then.........THAT!!!! lmao!!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

  6. @Ruth lol.. Felt ok after New Years.. not so much Boxing day..lol.
    @Caren.. well I DID warn you! LOL! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you to! xoxoxo

  7. Oh crap (literally).
    P.S. This was hilarious.

  8. Haha -- loved the chicken photo! Of course, having seen that, I don't think I could have ever eaten that bird after the fact. I don't care how yummy you claim it to be! :)

    And, oooh, nice cupcakes! It's late here, but now I'm suddenly hungry for something sweet and decadent. Thanks a lot, Sprite!

  9. @Dbs.. LOL! thanks I'll tell Hubby that..
    @David No no! It really was yummy! LOL!
    Happy to be of service.. heheheee!!!

  10. LOL. That is hilarious.
    Thank hubby for making us laugh. At the chicken.

  11. @Ant..I did and he can't believe I posted the pic..lol!

  12. I just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say, that chicken is the most epic thing i have seen in ages!! I am now Following you based on the stuffed chickin alone. I would love for you to drop by and Follow back!! Find me at:


    Have a fantastic day!

  13. Hi Jennifer.. I am SO sorry I have only just stumbled upon your comment.. for some reason Blogger put it into the spam section.. thanks for following.. I will pop over to visit.. :)

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