Jan 20, 2012

I am being employed now...

We had such a big day today and I am so tired but I couldn't go to bed without telling you all that Yes I DID get the job.. woohoo! well technically I am still under a probationary period.. but I am going back on Monday to do a full day.
Basically my job so far is.. gather stack of books... wipe them clean (they have bits of book guts all over them from having three holes drilled in them on the spine).. then I take some binding string and a needle and bind stitch the spine. which is harder than it sounds.. the binding string is strong stuff and could probably garotte someone if I was so inclined to do so.. as it was I had to put bandaids on my fingers in the places where the string bit into my skin.. (apparently all the ladies had to do it when they first started). then I have to put on a barcode sticker and spine label and other id labels. each school/library is very specific where said labels are to be placed. So that's all it is really.. but they are very particular and this process needs to be done quickly. The ideal number is 30 books an hour. At my four hour assessment on Thursday I DID 30 books an hour and the boss was impressed.
The only thing he said that concerned him was that I didn't really look like I enjoyed it or look like I wanted to be there.. I assured him that it was just nerves and I really liked the work.. I mean seriously.. I would have felt dumb sitting there grinning like a weirdo on my first day.. of course I was going to be nervous and shy.,.. gheez!

Anyway.. Hubby and I are happy I have a job.. it means we can pay for.... oops! I can't tell you WHAT just yet.. you will have to wait... hehehee


  1. Congrats! It was the painkillers wasn't it? Did I or did I not tell you? Awesome! I knew you could do it.

  2. Congratulations on your new job!!! :-]

  3. Congrats on getting the job :-) And 30 books in an hour on your first day is impressive!

  4. I couldn't be happier for you. I've heard that you can fool people into thinking you're smiling by pushing a metal coat hanger in your mouth. I'm just saying....

  5. Thanks so much everyone!
    Your support is very much appreciated :)

  6. My work verification was 'EMPLOG' hahahaha this is your EMPloyment bLOG

  7. @Carole I know! YEEE!!!
    @Nubian thanks! and that is funny :)

  8. such wonderful news. I really hope the money you earn goes towards something special for you as you deserve some spoiling.

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  9. Your art skills/ability to concentrate will be a real asset with this job. Congrats.


    You'll be buying more art supplies and journals, I am sure.
    Next time you could tell him that you're smiling on the inside.

    @Nubian, WV: "desonse". What do I do with that?

  11. @Mynx thank you.. and yes something very special indeed
    @Dbs It is :) thanks
    @Ant aww.. thanks.. hmmm.. don't know about the more art supplies just yet.. I have heaps here I need to paint as it is..

  12. Congratulations! That's wonderful news!

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