Mar 3, 2012

The world according to ME...again..

Hubby and I are sitting in the lounge. Son is in the kitchen, washing the dishes. Hubby is lecturing son..."...and so we want you to try to do just a little better. Give a bit more effort and you Will be Will get your pocket money...blah...blah..." (something to that effect anyway..) He looks over at I study him in return.
He stops, knowing I have something to say. 
Something to add to this encouraging conversation..
something inspirational...

"If Ants had eyebrows.." I ask, "Do you think they would raise them when they met each other?"

Left Hubby speechless.

p.s.  I think they would. yep.


  1. LOL! This sounds so much like my house. Hysterical. This is going to give me the giggles when my husband is lecturing my soon to be 17y/o. Is it okay if I blame you? ;)

  2. i love being inappropriate with my timing. as you clearly do too!
    btw, how did you discover your boy's newfound interest in the females?

  3. We have similar conversations... with eerily similar endings. I've caused many an awkward silence in the C home.

    P.S. I think they would too.

  4. I'm not so sure they don't have eyebrows.

  5. Totally they would. Love this.

  6. Oh, I love the way you think! :) I can be terribly random like that at times, too--much to the loving consternation of those who know me best.

    This had me laughing. Thanks, Sprite!

  7. @Meg.. blame You can even use it if you want.. :)
    @Sherilin.. hmm.. think they came up in conversation one day with my husband.. he told Hubby he liked them...
    @Vinny lol.. love it.
    @Stephen lol.. wonder if they wax them to..
    @Dbs I know right!
    @David my pleasure.

  8. BOL! These are the absurd household comments that I am familiar with.

    Noice one. Still laughing.

  9. I need to try this. So very clever
    Thank you for the smile

  10. @Ant who's there...?
    @Dbs Yank Thou! (didn't mean to be so rude, but it was the best one I could come up

  11. lol@dbs

    Hippo Birdie who you.

    (Inspired by dbs:)

  12. Yeah at first I was like.. WTF? then I got it.. so I made one up to.. :)

    Thanks Ant :)


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