Mar 29, 2012

The world according to ME.

I can't believe I have got my husband to do this...
He is making me spaghetti and meatballs. But that's not the amusing part..

He asked me how much fettuccine he should cook, because last time we had a little left over. So I told him that James the lovely Chef on TV said that one serve of fettuccine is equal to 35 strands.

He is now laboriously counting out 3 lots of 35 strands of Fettuccine. Heheheheee!

Well, he asked...


  1. Counting the strands sounds like something I'd do. You're husband must be awesome. :)

  2. Men do that though. The follow a recipe to the exact amount, regardless. Many a time I have tried to explain how much a dash, a knob or a good amount is.

  3. @Paul He is!
    @Meg Thanks!
    @Mynx Because of Hubbys short term memory loss, he writes every recipe down and then has to follow it to the letter. He gets frustrated when he tells me to write one of MY recipes down and I'm like "I don't know how much of it I use, I just chuck it in.." lol

  4. At least he's trying! I don't try!

    I just DO!

  5. I had no idea thirty-five strands equaled a serving. On learning this, I probably would have counted them as well. Maybe this says something about men.

  6. My hubby would count it out too! He has a way with numbers.

  7. How many chocolate eggs in one serving? Too late, I ate almost all of them. This is my stomach... :(

  8. LOL--That's too darn adorable! Love that!

  9. @symdaddy lol.
    @Stephen I probably would have to
    @Carole my hubby was a maths
    @Dbs depends on how big the chocolate egg is.
    @Ant nope, all done and eated.
    @@Frisky he is adorable :)

  10. oh my goodness....I'm giggling insanely...

    and now I'm going to have to count out 35 strands just to see what that amount looks like!

  11. Hopefully he is first hand making the pasta?

  12. @CatAndTheCoffeeCup.. It actually works really well! lol!
    @Caren.. I know.. ;)
    @Laoch, we actually haven't tried making our own.. yet.

  13. Damn...I think I'd count it out too, because I can NOT judge amounts when it comes to straight pasta. Anything I can fit in a measuring cup, I have no problem with.

  14. When he finds out what you did, he should only give you 34 strands the next time as punishment.

  15. @Karen it was a really good amount for fettuccine.
    @Vinny it was funny because when he served it out he was like.."how do we know we have 35 strands each?" lol!


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