Apr 1, 2012

OK, so I forgot to give this one a title...

So the fettuccine... After it was cooked and Hubby was serving it out he asks me.. "How do we know we have 35 strands each?"
bless him...

So I am kind of in love with my kitchen at the moment.. Today we went to IKEA and bought some shelving units we have had our eyes on for a while. We made it up beside the Monolith. (our ridiculously huge fridge), and I have got to say.. it looks really cool! like industrial sheek. sort of.. you know, the type of kitchen you see chefs cooking in. "I am le professeeonal chef, I do not need to ave le cubbards....see? all my pot an pans on le shelves..Magnifique!!"
I don't know why the chef is french.. but you get my point.
Here is a pic, we haven't finished filling the shelves yet but you get the drift.

Anyway, it's freed up a huge amount of space in our tiny kitchen so I am lurving it.

On Saturday we had a family outing to a really nice place called Ewen Maddock Dam. We had bought myself a new (second hand) bike so we thought we try it out on some bike trails. 

Let me first explain that I have not ridden a bike for thirteen years. Thirteen years ago I was younger and single and child free, AND I had two good working eyes. Now I am ooooooold and fragile and have a child and husband and I am half blind and I have way too much to live for....

OK so maybe a little dramatic but I have only gone for a little peddle around our unit block. I don't think I was ready for full on trail blazing just yet. I wanted nice smooth, straight, cement paths. You know.. baby steps. But no. What do we do..?

Go bloody trail blazing through the bloody bush. Yeah it was pretty and ferny and ooo..what a cool mushroom...and.. but it was also windy and hilly and slushy and terrifying!.

But I made it our of there alive. I did not crash into a tree, fall into a bush or plunge into the muddy dam waters.

And it WAS a great day. Peaceful, cool, fun.

Here are some pics.
cool mushroom

move aside nature!

Ewen Maddock Dam


interesting roots

even more interesting roots

it is very pretty there

the swallows again.
my new death machine bike


  1. Pretty pictures. It looks like Spring has popped where you are, but here in Portland it's still rainy and cold. I look forward to feling the sun on my face. happy April Fools Day.

  2. Looks like a good time!....A 'scary' time!....but a good time, nonetheless! ^_^ And beautiful photos too, by the way...even of the death machine...I mean bike!

  3. lol. Did you try yelling out random numbers as he was counting them? Hee hee.

    The pics and the environment; perfect. Wow. Beautiful.
    You live near the best of nature.

  4. maybe you weren't quite ready for the trails yet, but it looks like you went somewhere pretty enough to make it worth it.
    how does your hiney feel now? that's what always kills me after a long bike ride.

  5. Those are amazing pics -- so pretty where you were! Glad you had fun, and happy "cheffing" in your fabulous kitchen! :)

  6. @Stephen it's actually Autumn, there is a chill to the air but still nice to get out and about.
    @Dbs it pretty much was.
    @Poetess It was. And yes the bike is a good one, very expensive to buy new..we got a great bargain.
    @Ant arr no! I didn't.. next time..hehehee..
    I know right. It was so peaceful.
    @Sherilin I know! Hiney is OK, it's my calves that killed the next day :)
    @David Thanks, I will!

  7. your kitchen looks mavehlous dahling!!!!!

    You live in a gorgeous area you lucky girl!

    I admire you for doing the "bike thing" don't know if I could have handled it!

  8. @Caren Thank you!
    I know I am, appreciate it every day I do.

  9. Adventures with Alittlesprite always sound like so much fun! Love your bike! I'm very jealous.......and much older. Congrats on being brave.

  10. @Carole..aww thanks! I love my new bike to!

  11. Love the shelves. We have a tiny kitchen too. Love the pictures of your adventure.

  12. @Nubian they really have made so much more room for our things. We are able to sort out what we want and what we can get rid of as well.


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