Apr 20, 2012

Technology stole my sons creativity..

And I have proof.

At the moment my son is on a two week grounding from all things technical, due to him downloading programs onto his school laptop without our permission, causing Hubby to have to do a complete restore. At first he only had one week, until he got busted playing an online game before school this morning. Anyway, without his iPod, Nintendo DS, television, and computer to stick his nose into for hours on end, he has had to resort back to the "old days". 
My creative, clever boy has returned. 
He has built an entire new world from Lego, complete with stargates, Dhd's (for the Stargate SG1 buffs out there), Stargate command complete with miniature O'Neills, Carters and Daniel Jacksons and the rest of the cast, death gliders, pyramids, and a Goa'uld mother ship that rests on top of one of the pyramids. He is making a stop motion movie with it all on his camera, which is, so far, pretty good. He has also drawn cats, owls, stargates, houses, wolves and so much more.

I love this creative little being. 
Much better than the techno obsessive creature who thinks the world is going to end if he doesn't get his hour of Minecraft each day...


  1. Too true. I love technology but know all too well what a distraction it can be.

    Don't tell my wife I admitted to that. I'll never hear the end.

  2. @Vinny your secret is safe with me..

  3. Huge Stargate fan right here! :) That's awesome that your son is so creative. Grounding does him well!

  4. Out of desperation we had to limit my son's face time on the i-things....I thought his little head would blow off but it turns out it's still attached. Yay, you!

  5. At least it's great to know that his creativity hasn't been destroyed by the technology. There's hope!

  6. @David it sure doe. We are currently going through the whole Stargate SG1 seasons.. Atlantis will be next.
    @Lizbeth lol! the drama hey? :)
    @Carole thanks..
    @Stephen there is..

  7. I was beginning to worry that my 13 y/o was going to need an intervention, but he's finally becoming social and getting out of the house with his friends more often than playing video games. Now it's my 10 y/o that needs to step away from the PC.

  8. I am amazed how quickly he switched from one technology to another; creating things.

    Maybe you should "ground" him more often.;)

  9. I have witnessed the same phenomenon in my kids too.

  10. @Meg Hmm.. seems to be a phase for the younger teens..
    @Ant I know right. lol.
    @dbs Hoping he grows out of it, but it's difficult with his obsessive Aspergers traits.

  11. the stop motion filming sounds fascinating. Hope you can find a happy medium,by using the technology creatively like that.

  12. Sprite, there is something disturbing about the way our kids are always PLUGGED IN nowadays. Remember when we were outside all day every day on our school vacations??? Yeah. I hate to sound like an old curmudgeon, but those were the good old days.

  13. @IWBY thanks! Me to.
    @Karen I remember, you wouldn't see me until sun down. *sigh*


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