Apr 28, 2012

Rain..Pictures and Cats

It's been raining for the last few days.. A brilliant excuse to snuggle down in bed and sleep the day away. Unfortunately I haven't been needing any excuses, as I have a cold. BLECK! Add that to my evil tooth and I am a whole lotta fun at the moment. NOT! *sniff* 

In the mean time be entertained by these pics I made. 

Also this has got to be one of my favourite ads at the moment..

For all you kitteh lovers out there.


  1. What a cute ad!

    Love the pictures :-) What did you use to create them?

  2. I can imagine some of these cats pushing aside the cat food while saying, "Where's the sushi and sashimi?"

  3. It's very warm and windy today in Alberta--I'm sending you some of that.
    P.S. Nice work as always. Medium?

  4. Like and like. The bubble pic is very unique.
    I'm going to borrow that space pic at some point.

    Cat ad made me smile. Wonder what that would be like; watching cats chase after rotating dishes.:)

  5. @Cat I used Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8.
    @Stephen lol.. yes.
    @dbs I don't think it got here... see Cats answer.
    @Ant thanks! you're welcome to. :)

  6. I wonder if the cats have to pay by the color of the plate like you do in a real Sushi-Go-Round? :) Cute.

  7. Nice artwork!

    The kitties were pretty cool too!

  8. @Meg I guess they would, but where do they carry their money? LOL!
    @Symdaddy thanks!

  9. fun pictures, Sprite! Thanks for sharing. Hope your tooth feels better soon!!!


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