Jul 26, 2011

Bloggers Blerck

I just haven't had the spirit to write anything lately. While we have been busy making plans for our trip to Melbourne, we have had to put off something else we had decided to do, until the new year. Also we are having a dilemma as to what we are going to do at the end of the year when the landlord puts this house on the market. That is IF he is still doing it. He is not one for much communication, so we have no idea what he is doing. He said we can stay as long as we want, but if he sells the place, we have to move. And that's our problem. We are still planning on going on our Trip around Australia, and so we are thinking that taking on a new lease is not the way to go. But what to do? Buy the motor home or caravan and live in a park for a while? thing is, we have only our one small car with no towbar. So we would need to buy another car, preferably a 4x4 that has the guts to tow a decent sized van. Hubby is not quite sold on a van. He still wants to buy a motor home. (I think he is a little sad, this morning Betty got towed away for scrap). We had come to the agreement that Betty was too far gone for us to fix. Bye Bye Betty... We do have money put away, but it would take all our savings to buy said motor homes, or vans, and cars or whatever. 
So we find ourselves in an uncertain place, and I absolutely hate it. No idea what's going to happen. I hate being in this situation. I don't blame Hubby for it, but when I was a single Mum, I had a home, a secure job, family and friends around me. I knew what was happening and where I would be the next day, and the day after that, and so on. 
Ever since we moved to this town everything has gone to S**T.


  1. Oh Sprite I can so relate to you right now. Hugs, huge bear hug hugs.

  2. ouch! it's kind of distressing to realize that you sometimes feel like you were better off before the significant other came along, isn't it?
    so many crazy decisions you guys have to make. i hope you find a sense of peace in whatever road you choose.

  3. WOW! The house situation sounds like a real dilemma! :-( I hate living without a plan.....and I hate lack of communication!!!!! UGH!...Sending good thoughts.

  4. @Nubian aww.. thanks! I needed that :)
    @Sherilin.. I know right? Hubby and I have even joked over the fact that we were better off when we were single. The government over here sucks. They get you as soon as you call yourselves a "couple"!
    @Poetess It's really frustrating. Thanks for the good thoughts :)

  5. When you're stepping in shit keep stepping. And it sounds like you should maybe postpone your trip? Feel for you.

  6. i know what you mean. i'm currently on a blogger vacation myself--there is life to deal with. are you going to travel with you cat then? how will she like it?

  7. Decisions, plans, life....all such big things to be thinking about. I feel for you. It's the same problem in Canada with the single vs married issue so I won't suggest you move here, where I could hug you every day!! Maybe while you're in Melbourne you could find a place to live and everything else you and your family need to feel more settled and happy? Take care Alittlesprite. xo

  8. @dbs sounds like the way to go. We have to go to Melbourne. I have some very important eye appointments down there. They pulled strings to fit me in asap.
    @aafrica Unfortunately Moby, won't be able to travel with us. He will be staying with one of our neighbours. I will miss him to bits though :(
    @Carole aww.. I would love to come to Canada, especially to get hugs..lol. I was thinking maybe we could use a change of scenery. Looked at real estate in Melbourne.

  9. Hi I just found this zentangle puzzle. Take a look

    I hope you do get to come to Canada someday to visit Vancouver Island and get hugs, tea/coffee, and a clean guestroom! What are house prices like in Melbourne? Would it be a good place for all your health concerns? Maybe Canada would be a good place.....wink, wink!

  10. I hope things will become clearer for you and your family and this next year will bring harmony to you all.

  11. @Carole cool I'll have a look. I would LOVE to visit Canada. We have friends there, so it is a possibility!

    @Laoch.. aww how very Zen of you. Thank you :)

  12. Big virtual group hug!

    hey we should declare this hug a sprite day:)

  13. Well, all good things must come to an end and poor Betty's end has come. Hope you start to feel better about it with your new purchase.

  14. Ack!! That sounds so stressful! I totally understand. Hubby and I were in a similar jam last year. We wanted to move to Europe because Hubby had some awesome job opportunities, but we didn't really have the funds to get there, and he couldn't find a job here. Such a mess! Hopefully things work out for you soon. :)

    As for the Owl Pillows, I didn't make the pattern. I found it under Max The Owl on Etsy. :) I don't have the exact link, but he should pop up in search listings.

  15. @Ant I'll be all for Hug-A-Sprite day!
    @Cheeseboy, yes RIP Betty. She made good scrap metal...
    @Sunny It's stressful isn't it? Wow, Europe would have been so great.
    Oh yeah I found your post about the pillows and followed the link. I don't like ripping off other peoples work so I probably wont post mine, (even though it is super cute) because I made the pattern myself. But thanks anyway :)


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