Jul 6, 2011

Cattle farms and eyes

So I had a nice chat to the folks last night. Apparently where they had the accident, was on some rich guys VAST cattle property. He came upon the wrecked trailer, and did some fancy towing (remember it was minus wheels) back to his place. He informed the police, and when my parents rang them, they gave them his number. So he is going to send down the rego and number plates to them. What a nice guy.
They are staying at the teachers house now, while they are overseas, and the bus driver has loaned them the use of a trailer.
Also the cattle ranch guy has asked them if they would like to house sit at one of his other cattle ranches while the managers are away on their holidays. Pretty cool hey?

I had a phone call from the eye specialist in Melbourne today. They have received all the info from my eye clinic already and have passed it on to the Doctors for review. Hopefully I will be hearing from them soon and we will be making a trip to Melbourne :) Exciting and a little scary thinking about the tests they will be performing on me. I did not like the electrodes on my eyeballs at all... lol.

I have finally got started on my sons SPACE painting I promised him. The canvas is no longer just a black expanse...lol


  1. It's lovely to see how giving and kind people can be to those who need it :) I'm glad your parents are doing alright! I hope the Melbourne specialists can help you, and that we have better weather when you come down, lol

  2. So great that things worked out okay for your parents.

    Yay on the eye specialist, hope it all goes well.

    Looking forward to seeing the SPACE painting. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Woohoo for nice ranchers with farm houses!

    Yikes, I have to agree, it's hard to let someone close to your eyes. You are my hero. I hope everything goes well and they discover something fixable.
    I was going to write something about frog's eyes but I think I'll just pass the chance up! lol!

    Lucky boy getting a completed black expanse. Pictures?

  4. an Angel was truly looking down protecting your parents. I am so glad that something GOOD came out of a bad situation. Keeping you in my thoughts about help for your eyes as well! xoxo

  5. Sometimes we meet the coolest people in life during our greatest time of need. How neat that they were helped by such a nice man.

    Good luck with all the eye stuff.

  6. What? There are nice humans out there? ;0

    That's great, how nice of him.

    Keeping fingers crossed for the results.

    WV: ionsitiv. Geeky. Noice.

  7. @Ruth Melbourne weather? Bring it on! lol
    @Nubian Will let you know how it goes.
    @Carole I will post pics when it's done :)
    @Caren I know right? Thank you (HUG)
    @Cheeseboy, I know, I would have been a lot more worried about them. But they are doing fine.
    @Ant Who would have thought...

  8. Melbourne weather goes like this: Wake up to a cloudy day, prepare for wet weather LOL JOKES! Sun comes out, you're gonna be hot!
    Dress for warm day, LOL JKS! here comes the rain!
    Tricksy weather patterns.

  9. Eyeball electrodes? Whoa. Glad your parents are doing well despite everything.

  10. @dbs I know right. Yep they certainly landed on their feet.


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