Jul 13, 2011

Convertible bag - Project. (and other stuff)

HI! Well my Mothers ancient sewing machine that I have been baby sitting, finally gave up the other day. I have been wanting a new one for a while, and, having a bit of spare cash, Hubby said "right, lets go get you a new one". YEE!!
 And so I threw my new little Singer Buddy in at the deep end and started my convertible bag project. It was a difficult pattern, but it's now finished and the end result is quite appealing. 
Front, with snap enclosure

Back, with zipper pocket

Inside with one zipper pocket and two open pockets. Fully linned. 
And now for the convertible part....
Pull out the straps on both sides and......

TA DA! It's now a backpack!
It was a very involved and tedious pattern, but I really like it. You can't see in the photos, but I did a pretty decorative stitch over all the top stitching as well. I may even make some more. (saw some super cute owl fabric I want)

Also, I have been waiting for a parcel to arrive with my Polaroid Pogo Printer and finally it did the other day. If you've never heard of one, basically it is a little printer (about the size of a Nintendo DS) that you can either hook up to your camera, or Bluetooth with your mobile phone, and it prints pictures for you instantly. (well in about 15 seconds..) the photos are small, 2" x 3", but are sticker backed. The printer itself uses no ink. The photo paper contains all of the colour in it and is set by heat. which means that the photos come out touch dry and are safe to handle, and Polaroid even claim can even get a little wet with no damage to the photo surface. 
The actual colour quality is good. Not absolutely brilliant, but it's good enough for me. A cool little gadget. I am going to find it awesome to use in my art journal. 
I had to buy it from America because I couldn't find it anywhere here, and it was WAY cheaper buying it from Amazon. I used a company called iShopUSA to purchase and deliver it for me. Because stupid Amazon didn't want to deliver it to Australia. But I wasn't going to take no for an answer! Delivery was pricey, but I got the printer PLUS 100 photo sheets for less than what I would have paid for the printer itself in Australia. I got emails from iShop every step of the way, and then an email and tracking number from the delivery company.  I was quite impressed with their professionalism. It was delivered to me express as well. Overall, it was pretty speedy and efficient. 
 This is the first photo I printed with it..

I swear those zhu zhu's aren't mine......



  1. Lucky you....a new sewing machine and a pogo printer!
    Your convertible bag turned out really well. I like the colours.
    I hate sewing so I'd appreciate lots of pictures of the sewing you do so I can live my sewing fantasies through you! xo

  2. I love that there seem to be no limits to your creativity.

  3. @Carole..LOL! OK, I will be sure to post lots of sewing pics then. Just for you.. :)

    @dbs.. oh I have limits. I DO loose my creative mojo at times :)

  4. Thanks for all of the explanation about your new Polaroid Pogo Printer. I didn't know what it was, and when you said it was 'about the size of a Nintendo DS'...you lost me again. I don't know what that is either! LOL But I can see it prints really nice photos and I'm happy for you anyway!! ^_^ Now the bag? I know what that is....and it's very very cute!! I may have to have you make me a lining that I can sew into my yoyo bag, or it may never get finished!! LOL

  5. That bag looks fabulous. Clever you. I dont have a sewing machine at the moment. Maybe one day I will again

  6. New stuff. Sweet!

    Also, you are very, very talented.

  7. Love the bag you 'whipped' up! What talent! Are you going to start making some to sell???

    We believe you on the Zhu Zhu's. ;~)

  8. That bag looks like a very well made bag. Pretty amazing.
    Glad you got the Pogo, the pic looks very crisp.
    The Zhu Zhus just wandered in?

  9. I totally dig the camera.

    If I knew anything about purses, I'm sure I'd say "That purse rocks! Nice job!"

  10. @Poetess What?! You haven't done the lining yet? LOL! come on, it's not that scary :)
    @Mynx thanks! I bought my sewing machine from Big W for only $198.
    @Vinny, aww thank you!
    @Nubian I may, but they will be a bit different.
    @Ant Thank you! Yeah I'm happy with the quality. Yes. Yes they did. Wandered in off the street they did.
    @Cheeseboy, It's cool hey. And I'm sure I would then say "Why thank you!" :)

  11. ok is there anything that you CAN'T do????? you are so talented that it's unfair!!

    I love that photo printer! It has to be super expensive I bet. I just love it!

  12. Love the purse :-)
    How old was your mom's sewing machine?

  13. @Caren NO! It is only around $34 from Amazon!
    @chocolateangel Thank you! I think it's around 50 years old. It has been a really good machine, Mum and I have done a lot of sewing on it. Only had to service it a couple of times. But I think it is near the end of it's days :)

  14. ALittleSprite: Congratulations on the new sewing machine! I love the bag you've made. I also like the printer. Do you do art journals?

  15. Yes I do art journals. I have a couple of different ones. One large one I made for watercolours/painting/sketching.. and a smaller A5 sized one which is my "Ideas" journal. Both I have made custom hand made leather covers for. Here is the link to the bigger one..


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