Jul 16, 2011

Melbourne and Harry Potter.

So I received a letter from the eye hospital in Melbourne and my appointments are in a month! But, not to panic because, Hubby and I are so organised we already have our accommodation booked. As it's a 20 hour drive we are breaking it up into half and are staying at Dubbo. The half way point. The reason we chose Dubbo is because the Taronga Western plains Zoo is located there and I really want to go, (LEMURS people!) and the tickets are for two days. So we have booked a site for three nights.
We have booked a nice two bedroom cabin about 35 minutes drive from the Hospital. Well, actually we won't be driving into the city because apparently parking in Melb's is pretty pricey. But the public transport is supposed to be good, so public transport it is. Besides, we get to go on a tram. Never been on a tram before, and, when in Melbourne, you go on a tram. LOL! Oh, if any of you have been to Melbourne, can you recommend some places for good shopping, eating etc...? I am going to get my Google on, but there is nothing like local intell ;)

Why the Harry Potter movies are perfect. Just the way they are:
I have recently seen the last instalment of the Harry Potter movies. I absolutely loved it. It’s been a long journey, full of laughs, sadness, and wonderment. I’m sad that it’s over. But it couldn’t have ended more perfectly, and I wouldn’t even want to see any more Harry Potter movies being made. My reasons?
These movies that they churn out, rehashing the same old story lines, are just plain old boring.
Bad guy threatens mans existence, Hero defeats Bad guy. Hero saves the world. But then they do it all over again... NEW bad guy makes a tonne of unfun, same old hero defeats new bad guy. Hero saves the world... Again.
Harry Potter?
One Bad guy.
One hero.
End of story.

Bought a GPS. Voice is named Karen. Karen was my Hubby's ex. I do not like GPS Karen. GPS Karen wanted to send us off the highway on some route other than the way I wanted to go. Told Hubby it was either GPS Karen or WIFE.
 Hubby wisely chose wife :)

Finally got a picture of the Male wren. It's not fabulous, and the female is showing off her butt, but he finally sat still long enough for me to capture him.

I got another pic of them actually sitting side by side but the female was doing this weird feather plucky thing down her front, so, not a good shot. Anyway. This is the leader of the harem :)


  1. Firstly I want to go to Western Plains Zoo. Secondly I am going to Harry Potter tomorrow. Cant wait, so excited. Read all the books, seen all the films, think I might cry when it ends.
    Cant help you with the Melbourne stuff, been years since I was there but the public transport is usually pretty good, esp the trams I have heard. Good luck with the op, positive thoughts coming your way.
    The pics of the wrens are gorgeous.

  2. Good idea on public transport, parking is very expensive, and hard to find in the day as well (part of the reason I have so little motivation to get my P's). When it comes to shopping, there are so many places! Melbourne Central pretty huge, with a massive foodcourt to boot. Trams are pretty good, they're always along.
    Then you have China Town and Italian food on Lygon St. The Royal Arcade, the Block Arcade and Centre Place are good to check out! And there is the best shop on Elizabeth Street called Minotaur where there is sooo much pop culture stuff to buy (I'm talking Star Trek, Star Wars, Family Guy, the Simpsons, Buffy, all kinds of anime, super hero's and alllllll the comic books). Myer, David Jones at the Bourke St. Mall. And ACMI at Federation Square have a free, permanent exhibition called Screen Worlds which is pretty cool.
    lol, okay, I've talked enough about Melbourne now. Pretty much, if you wander around you'll always find something.

    Love the pics, by the way! Beautiful.

  3. @Mynx I'm excited about the Zoo.
    @Ruth thank you so much for the info!

  4. I gotta get to that Harry Potter flick. Everyone's buzzing about it.

  5. I came across some art store recommendations, have to see if I can find them.

    Karen GPS. lol.

    The zoo sounds like fun and your wren pics are great, especially considering that he is such a busy guy.

    Looking forward to seeing Harry Potter. Still haven't watched Game of Thrones, on my list too.

  6. Ohhhh! And check out the Queen Vic Markets as well, there might be some crafty stuff there, it's a great day out!

  7. @Vinny Go see it!
    @Ant, found some that look good.
    grrr...GPS Karen
    The zoo is so huge you can drive your car around it.
    You will love Game of Thrones. Every episode I was like...whoa!
    @Ruth, I have already put that on my list, it's just a tram ride from the hospital.

  8. I haven't seen any of the Harry Potter movies-they seemed too cutesy to me (which begs the question: if I haven't seen any, how would I know?).
    Anyway, from the trailers, the new one looks pretty dark. It appears like it would really be a pretty good one. I may have a look.

  9. Can't wait to see Harry Potter's last.

  10. @Al you should watch them all from beginning to end. It would be worth it :)
    @dbs It was amazing.

  11. hi sprite! i haven't been around lately, but wanted to check in & say hi. i actually came over here yesterday to say hello, but now my comment is gone, so maybe i failed somehow. or forgot how since it's been too long.
    in any case, hi!

  12. @Sherilin I swear I didn't delete it..!LOL!
    Hi to you to!

  13. Alright, I am not a huge fan of Harry Potter, but perhaps I should be. The new movie looks cool, but I feel like I need to go back and watch some of the others first.

    That wren is very cool.

  14. Thanks Mr Cheesy! Yes I think you should watch ALL of them...in a row...in one night..lol.


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