Jun 14, 2011

Art Journal - Project

HIYA! I promised to show you what has been taking up my free time and today is the day! So I was talking to Ant who told me about his journals and I thought how great it would be to actually make one myself. I found an excellent place that sells all sorts of scrap cut-offs and industrial left-overs (like plastic thingies, leather, pvc piping, material, wood, etc..) you know the sort of things factories have left over after they have made something? well this place collects it and sells it really cheap. They had a big bin of leather scraps that Hubby dug around in for me and I found three nice bits of different coloured leather. Two for the cover of the journal and the other, softer one for the lacing.

I cut the front and back pieces to size, then made slits for the leather cord. Then I used two bits of cord I cut from the softer leather and started lacing
And did the same for the back cover.

I used a wood burner to decorate the front and back covers. BTW burnt leather smells funky...

Next I made the straps for the buckles, which are OVERALL BUCKLES! I had to score the leather to make it bend. Also burnt a decoration on them to. The strap is secured to the back cover with split pins. I wanted the straps to be adjustable for when the journal gets full and bulky.

I then burnt around all the edges to keep it neat and strong. I bought some nice watercolour paper, ripped it to size
and threaded it on the leather cord, then secured it with a knot.
The Back
The finished product. 11" X 12"
Now to fill it with lots of arty things..lol!

So what do you think? I am pretty happy with it. It's very rustic and earthy which appeals to the Irish ancestry in me. Hubby loves it to and wants me to make our wedding album in a similar way. And I already have some smaller journals in mind to. Funny thing is, is that it cost me next to nothing to make. The most expensive stuff was the paper!


  1. So impressive! I've honestly never seen anything like it. It should featured on http://libraryporn.tumblr.com/ (Don't worry. Nothing nasty. It's porn for people who love books and libraries.)

  2. I'd buy it!!!!!!! Seriously girl... start up an Etsy page and sell them there... I am always scouring for journals on etsy and have never seen anything as remotely beautiful!!!! Well done darlin!

  3. @dbs, My thoughts exactly. Maybe we can chant HER into featuring and selling her amazing creations.

    @Sprite, so, when are you starting your business? ;)

  4. @dbs Thanks! Never heard of it but I will check it out.
    @Tracy Thank you! I am very tempted. Will have to check out what is involved with this etsy, as I'd never heard of it until I started blogging.
    @Ant thinking about it.... :)

  5. Way to go!!! You're so crafty! It looks great!

  6. Incredible, wonderful, beautiful work! Love it! :-)

  7. Wow, I'm impressed! I wish I had the ability to create something so beautiful and unique! I'm with Tracy, you definitely need to set up an account on Etsy and sell them.

  8. It's beautiful! Very talented. Very clever. Very good at keeping secrets!

  9. This book is the shit. I would totally buy one, not even joking.

  10. @Chocolateangel thank you so much!
    @Leslie I am seriously thinking about it...
    @Carole thank you hehee...
    @Paul, aww thanks, I think I need to open an etsy shop?


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