Jun 9, 2011

So C-C-COLD! And a Very Spritey Rant.

Well if it ever DID snow here in Queensland then today would be the day. Or possibly tomorrow when it is supposed to be even colder. I am sitting here in all my clothes and dressing gown and ugg boots and beanie and fluffy scarf Hubby says looks like a dead Muppet wrapped around my neck. My poor widdle fingers are so frozen. I really need gloves....

Moby, the enormously hairy cat, is now even more sphere like. He looks like a giant hairy soccer ball. But he is so soft and squishy. He spends his days out in what little sunlight there is, in a nest of dead weeds I left on the lawn last time I weeded the garden.

Have been working on an art project that has dominated most of my free time. Don't worry you will see it in due time. I must say I am quite pleased with it. I have also discovered the art of wood burning, or leather burning. Having bought a proper wood burning tool. It's a lot of fun and now I am constantly eyeing off all the wooden things around my house. Leather burning is a little less fun, but still fun all the same. It smells like a burnt cow that ran through a chemical plant. A little funky. OK, a LOT funky. 

Hubby finally stood up for himself and had it out with his sister. Which went down a treat, as you can imagine. Now HE has to apologise. HIM! He has to apologise or he will never see their family again. According to her. After all he has done for that self-centred, ungrateful little b.............!!! (Believe me, he has done and sacrificed so much for her over the years). Even though my Hubby has not got very long on this earth. After all the times she belittled him and made him feel less of a man for not being able to provide like a normal healthy man can. After all this, she is the one demanding an apology.
I told him NOT to apologise. So he said sorry for his lack of tact, not for what he said.  Still waiting to see if she accepts that.
I am so mad. FUMING even. I will NOT sit back and let this happen again. If this gets dragged on or mentioned again I am going to tear her a new one. No one treats my Hubby like that.
No one. 


  1. Hi Sprite. It is bloody cold up there, same down here,only colder lol I remember living in Marsden in 2000 and that winter it was 3 deg at 8am and we woke up to frost.People were ringing the radio station that they had to scrape the windscreen and the temp was announced every half an hour LOL

    I used to do leatherwork but it was with a knife and stamps and mallets. I dont do any craft now. I should find my knitting needles, knitting by the fire that will be me. lol

    Oh I hear your anger here,and I don't blame you!!! I wouldn't let him apologise either if it was my hubby.How dare she play the apologise or else,thats just so wrong !

  2. With all of the cold weather you're experiencing I thought your wood-burning was taking another route! LOL I hope we get to see some of your work when you're done. :-) And on the other subject....Drop it down a notch 'ROCKY'!! LOL Phew! I'm glad I didn't say anything about your husband!!! ^_^

  3. freezing here too and I thought it was always warm up north. getting down to 7 deg tonight.
    Cant wait to see your art project. Love the look of wood burning but cant say I have seen leather burning.

  4. Concentrate on the art (and escape the b.s.)

  5. Yay for wives who stick up for their husbands. I just don't think enough do. Good on ya.

  6. Yikes it's probably a good thing it's cold out there to keep your "temperature" from boiling! Families! Eagerly waiting to see your art project. Gloves are a good idea.

  7. Siblings: The reason many of wish we were born as only children.

  8. Sprite: My sister and brother in law live in Brisbane and my b-i-l sometimes moans about the cold. This is a man who spent 15 months in the Antarctica!!

    With regards to siblings/family ~ at the end of the day it is about your sanity and peace. Just because they are family doesn't mean we have to accept abuse. We wouldn't from friends. My husband has no contact with his family and life is a whole lot smoother. Hugs to you.

  9. I'm so sorry you and your husband are having to deal with this. It's amazing to me how people can belittle and say cruel things, then expect an apology. Where's the apology for him FROM her? :/

    Hugs--it will get better.

  10. Thankyou everyone for your kind comments. I know I sounded mad here, but she has basically emotionally blackmailed my Husband and I wont stand for it!

    only good thing about the cold weather - Cosy sleepins with a cuddly Hubby :)

  11. Hands are frozen down in Melbourne town as well....typing slower and slower..... Looking forward to seeing your new art! And I hope you finally get some peace and serenity soon!

  12. Sounds ghastly. Good wishes to your husband.


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