Jun 30, 2011


I have been away for a while. Not ACTUALLY away, but found myself not having much time to be on here. Its school holidays now and we have had some busy days. We like making sure our son has a good time during the holidays because he works so hard on his school work. His report card was good for this term. Today we went to the movies to see Transformers 3. It was awesome. Except it was a looooong movie, and I needed to pee real bad at the end.

We also spent the day volunteering at the grand opening of the Thrift shop that supports the non-profit organisation we are members of. They moved to a new, bigger premises and held a sausage sizzle for the customers. Hubby was delegated to do the BBQ. Meanwhile I was inside in their ironing room preparing new stock to go out onto the shop floor. The day was a big success, and I ended up finding a nice black vinyl jacket for only $20.

We finished our project. It was, in fact a Kitty house for Moby, who has taken up residence in it, even though we haven’t painted it. I think it will stay not painted. Moby seems quite happy with it. We left the lid on the barrel, and Hubby cut out a hole for Moby to get in and out of. Hubby specially rolled over the metal around the edges to prevent any booboo’s. Will have pics of it in next post.

Yesterday saw us taking another trip into the city so Hubby could de-register his business. And the place we had to go to just happened to be one block down from our favourite Japanese Restaurant. YAY! Yummy lunch!

I have received some information by a lovely lady who recommended me to a specialist in Melbourne that can maybe help me with my eye issues. I know I won’t regain the sight I’ve lost, but hopefully I can stop it from happening again, or at least find out 100% that I actually do have Ocular Autoimmune Disease. I am going to contact them and see what can be done. It’s actually a bit exciting, planning a trip down to Melbourne. I’ve made a few overseas trips in my life but have never actually been out of my home state of Queensland to explore the rest of Australia. Melbourne always seemed so Hip and Arty to me. Hopefully will be able to do a bit of retail therapy as well.

A friend of mine is 19 weeks pregnant. She posted her scan pics on FB. They are having a boy. While I am happy for her, it makes me sad. I am going to her baby shower if I think I can handle it. I have wrapped up the baby clothes we bought for ourselves for our own little bundle that didn’t happen, to give to her. But it’s good they are going to someone else. Someone who will appreciate it.  
Speaking of baby things, I must say a BIG thank you to Deb at poetesswug. I won one of her amazing creations and it arrived safely in the post yesterday! It’s very cute. Yes it’s a baby wrap, but I’m sure I will find some use for it.

I have a new friend. He is yellow and so very cute and keeps me company at my desk. He is the fat chick(en) from the movie “Hop”. I think he is adorable. Hubby thinks he has crazy eyes and doesn’t like it looking at him. Funny considering HE was the one who bought it for me.


  1. so good to hear you sounding so upbeat and happy!! So much going on in your life and I am glad that a large portion of it is GOOD!!

    I pray that you can get some answers pertaining to your condition in Melbourne. I know you will keep us posted.

    Can't wait to see Moby's new digs!!! It sounds great and I am glad you guys made him a place of his own.

    I LOVE your little yellow friend with the crazy eyes, he is adorable!

  2. 1. Transformers 3 better than 2?
    2. Sounds like you've been having a good busy.
    3. Really glad you're going. *fingers crossed*. Psst. melbourne has some great artstores....;)
    4. Sigh :(
    5. Hop? Haven't seen it, but the bird looks intense.

  3. Awwww! I love your little yellow "Hop"!! His crazy eyes is what makes him adorable! ^_^ Speaking of eyes...Yay! The news about the specialist is exciting!! And so was that $20.00 find!! I hope we see pictures of everything!! :-)

  4. By the way, YAY again!!! The baby wrap arrived safe and sound!! :-) I know you'll find something to do with it. Have fun with it.

  5. Hey, I've missed you. Glad to hear you're going to Melbourne. Shop till you drop? xo

  6. @Caren Yeah, most of it was good..lol. Hubby had to fix Moby's house. I don't know what he was doing in it, but it was all lopsided... Think he was having a party..

    @Ant 1. Not sure, will have to watch it again. It was VERY good.
    2. so-so
    3. Going to google them ;)
    4. I know.
    5. Isn't he a crack-up?!

    @Poetess He IS cute isn't he...
    @Carole aww.. I missed you to. Yep that's the plan...mostly Art Supplies :)

  7. Have a great time in Melbourne. I know my sister loves going there. I love your crazy critter! He is adorable, especially those eyes. ;~)

  8. @Nubian... Thank you SO much for your help. It's very much appreciated.

  9. Just Loled at the "lopsided, he was having a party". He likes?

  10. @Ant, yeah, he very muchy likey.

  11. I hope you get all the answers to all your questions in Melbourne.

  12. You've been missed. Glad you're back. Great for your friend! Congrats. Dig your new buddy.


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