Jun 16, 2011

Ocular Autoimmune Disease

That's apparently what I have. 
As you can guess I had another eye appointment today. Basically I have this Ocular Autoimmune disease. It's very rare. For some reason only known to itself, my immune system has decided to attack my left eye. It's treatable. But ONLY when active. Which mine is not. And the treatment only treats the active bits. 
Any damage that has been done so far is here to stay. So I wont be getting full vision back in my left eye. Ever.
It seems it has stabilised. Hopefully.

But, not one to stay down when kicked, I am scouring the internet to see if there is anything else that can be done. Have come across a few interesting sites that I will contact. They seem to be a little bit more specialised in Autoimmune diseases. Maybe the specialist I see is not "special" enough..lol.

Feeling really bummed about the whole thing. Called my parents to tell them. Started missing them. Really needed a hug. Cried for a bit. 

Stupid Immune system....


  1. Oh dear :( At least now you know what you're dealing with - sending hugs!

  2. *hugs* to you, Sprite :-)

  3. Stay strong. Sending you hugs with my bony little arms (with those annoying little turkey flesh flaps).

  4. Stupid disease! Leave our Sprite alone!

    Crying is good. Always better to let it out. Of course you get a hug. You're in our prayers too.

  5. Sorry to hear about this Sprite. Glad you're already researching it though. Stay strong.

  6. Another time when I wish I lived across the street from you to run to your house with open arms ready to give you big mommy hugs and make you a warm cup of tea! Good to check out other specialists.....and alternatives.

  7. You are now the second person I have heard that has this. (The first being my cousin that lives in Melbourne).

    Sending you hugs across the pond. I have wine, you want some wine?

  8. :-( I was talking about my friends eyes on my blog today! Apparently it's a bad time for eyes...I'm so sorry to hear that you're dealing with this. There's always a bright side though, right?!...Your immune system could be attacking your brain too!...PHEW!

  9. @Ruth, yes at least I know now. Thanks :)
    @Ant "CHEEP CHEEP!"
    @Chocolateangel thankyou :)
    @Al I'll take any hugs, even from flappy turkey arms.
    @Vinny.. I know, what did I ever do to it? No fair! Thank you :)
    @dbs thanks and I will.
    @Carole, awww, you are so sweet :)
    @Nubian Really? one of the places I was going to contact is in Melbourne. Who is she seeing about it?
    @Poetess Yes there always is a bright side. at least it's not MD
    @Ant awwww... yay for hugs!

  10. I am so sorry! I don't completely understand what it is, but I have Graves disease (which is also an autoimmune disease which is in remission) is your eye condition similar to that?

  11. I will get you the information when I speak with my Aunt in the morning.

  12. i'm so sorry to hear that! my husband got auto immune that attacked his left ear last year and it's been a huge adjustment for us in dealing with him being half deaf now.
    sometimes our bodies are so stupid!

  13. @Caren, yes it's similar in that the immune system has attacked my eye.
    @Nubian oh! Thank you so much! That would be great :)
    @Sherilin, thankyou. I know right? It's so weird and random. I have had a problem with my left eye for years, I think my immune system said enough is enough..lol!

  14. I've thought about you off and on all day hoping you know how many hugs I, and so many others, are sending you way. :)

  15. aww.. thankyou so much Carole. Means a lot.

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