Jun 12, 2011

Love Beyond Control - A Poem

Love beyond control.

What is this burning inside of me?
Is it the stain you’ve left on my soul?
The inner turmoil of love beyond control,
that grows deeper with every minute,
every second you are close to me?

How can I stand to feel this way?
This writhing, twisted agony
will send me beyond all that I know
All that I have ever cared for before,
has vanished from my blinded eyes

How can I stand to feel this way?
I can’t.
But it feels so damned good.
I can’t stop it.
I don’t want to.


Really don't have anything else to post right now. Enjoying a long weekend here. Finally finished my art project which I will post soon. 
It's getting colder and colder each morning. Yesterday it was 0 degrees. I finally bought some gloves, in fact we ALL bought gloves..lol. 
2 weeks till school holidays. We don't have anything planned. We were going to go to a friends cabin out in the bush but decided to leave it until the weather gets warmer, as the cabin has NO electricity at all. I have finally gotten better and I don't want to die of hypothermia.
 Yes! I finally found a doctor who FIXED me! So no more being sick for the ENTIRE winter. Unfortunately, it is a seasonal thing so I will most likely suffer from it every year the weather turns, but at least I know how to treat it and get rid of it now. 
Thats about it....
Oh and a friend suggested I LABEL things now so they are easier for you to find. Don't forget my other pages up on the top menu bar. I have been posting new Zentangles as I do them to, as well as poetry. Happy reading :)


  1. cant believe you have it colder than us. Brrrr.
    Love the poem and the zentngles are amazing. I must try them sometime.

  2. Mynx, I know crazy hey? Thanks, and yeah you should try zentangle, it's easy and fun :)

  3. YAY!! You're feeling better! I'm so glad to hear that!! And WOW! You're having zero degree weather now! No, now is not the time for a vacation to a cabin that doesn't have electricity!! LOL You need to protect that 'feel good' as long as you can!! :-] Have a good rest of the weekend!

  4. The poem made me smile, not sure if it was supposed to. Enjoy the feeling?!

    Going to a prehistoric cabin in the winter, not such a good idea:)

    High five;)

  5. Thanks Poetess, Yes I don't want to get sick again...LOL!

    Ant, yes the poem was supposed to make you smile.
    Have you seen what I am reading now..?
    Finished Storm Front. I LIKE :)
    Funny you said prehistoric, watched Jurassic Park last night... Image of prehistoric wildlife running round said cabin... EEEEPP!

  6. Thought the poem was awesome... sorry to hear you have been sick although glad you feel better sweetcheeks!

  7. That burning inside you might be due to the cold. ;)

  8. Hi Tracy! Thank you, and yes thanks I feel much better.

    Very funny dbs. :)

  9. Yes, not exactly a light read. Good for winter. Thought you would, they get better.
    LOL. Watch those raptors, they bite. Chomp.Chomp.

  10. Wow... Achilles was really a sookie la la...

  11. Glad to hear you are now fixed and feeling better. Take care of yourself and look forward to spring!

  12. lol. There was a lot of drama and tragedy.


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