Apr 22, 2012

The world according to ME.

The P&O is a beautiful, big white cruise ship that passes by our place every Sunday afternoon. Sometimes it's a little later in the evening. Now and then it sounds it horns as it goes by.. what it is actually doing it for I do not know..
Anyway, tonight I am sitting at my computer desk and she sails by and sounds her horn. 5 long blasts.
"The P&O is very honky tonight" I say to Hubby..
"What do you mean Honky..?" he laughs.
"It's honking. like this. HOOOONK...HOOOONK..." I demonstrate for him..
"It's a HORN not a honk.." he says.
"Well I couldn't very well say it was horny could I?"


  1. Horny? Wouldn't mind a horny cruise.

  2. well since it's white, i guess you can call it honky. and that's way better than horny.

  3. @Symdaddy LOL!
    @CWMartin :)
    @Dbs thanks
    @Sherilin I know right?
    @Ant ;)

  4. You're quite the wit. I like that in a woman.

  5. Ha-ha! Now that was funny! :) It's weird, I was just watching a program on cruise ships earlier today. They showed the busy port of Miami where the cruise ships sail out to sea one after the other every Sunday afternoon, and past a series of condominiums located close to the water. I wondered how the people living there feel about that.

  6. @Stephen Thanks!
    @David, well, I think it's pretty neat. Especially when she goes by in the evening and she is all lit up. So pretty.

  7. Here in the states "Honky" is a derogatory name for white people. So both made me laugh. I love you're blog's new look by the by.

  8. @Paul.. oh..lol! Thanks!
    @Frisky :) thanks!

  9. Very funny! We have a very honky train that goes by twice a day. The engineer honks enough to make on think he might just be horny too!


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