Oct 15, 2011

Got my drawing Mojo back.

Today we went to the Home, Camping and Caravanning show. Which was fun, climbing into various caravans and camper trailers.. figuring out what we wanted for when we travel. Yes we are still going to travel. Just not the epic journey we had originally planned with Betty the Bus.. (R.I.P Betty). Anyway, after we got home we went our separate ways. I secluded myself in the bedroom with my iPod and all my drawing materials and finally re-discovered my drawing mojo.

Some more Zentangles...Sprite style!


  1. those are beautiful! last night i broke out some paper & pencil & drew for the first time in a couple years. it's nice to feel the urge resurfacing! long live the arts!

  2. Your work is very feminine and I detect a spiritual content. Keep it up. Maybe you'll inspire me to prowl through my garage for my dusty art supplies.

  3. I have no idea what they might be,but they are pleasing to the eye. Good job!

  4. Like them, especially the first one, it's very Sprite style.
    Like how you put flowers and spores into it.
    They look like Spores to me.:)

  5. Amazing! Both are beautiful, although I think you've outdone yourself on the first one. Absolutely brilliant!

  6. @@Sherilin Thank you! I find it very relaxing.
    @Stephen thanks, hope you find them :)
    @Symdaddy Thank you very much :)
    @Ant thank you :) Yes they look like those curly fern fronds... hmmm.... IDEA!
    @David aww.. thank you so much :)

  7. They're both so lovely :) I've been inspiring myself audio wise by listening to these: http://vimeo.com/ithacaaudio/rolling-in-the-beats
    And Disney music...always Disney music, haha! Glad to see you getting your mojo back!

  8. Love these. I need to try to do zentagles again. Tried a small one one day at work but not nearly as wonderful as yours.
    Love the white on black

  9. @Mynx thanks! I think you get better at them the more you do. My first ones weren't that flash :) I love working on the black paper :)
    @Laoch thank you!

  10. Love your art work. So talented. I stood behind the door when talent was handed out. The only talent I really have is bitching.

  11. @Nubian aww.. thank you so much :)

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