Oct 18, 2011

Lost in IKEA - one Ant.

Oh Hi.. thought I'd share with you something I found out recently.. And that is how much my friend antarescryptos just LOVES IKEA... after his recent post here about his adventures I thought I'd make this post for you all.. to share the Ikea love around.. lol.
Recently Ant got a little lost in Ikea land.. maybe if he had a map like this it would have been easier to find his way out..

But not to worry... if he DID get locked up inside it he would have had plenty of yummy food to eat..

NO! not the material food Ant.. I mean the Meatballs!... sheesh!

HMM.. I wonder if Ant found any of THESE in the flat pack section....?

How could you not love a place that sells ready to assemble LOL Catz?

So the award goes to...
Just for you Ant..hehehee...
Bet you love IKEA now... lol. 


  1. Had so much fun taking my son's 16 yo gf to IKEA the other week. She had never been before. We saw the fabric food and may have played with it lol

  2. @Mynx An Ikea virgin eh? cool.. oh yes the fabric food, and the giant broccoli, and the bunnies (I have one), and the mice, and.....

  3. we recently got an ikea here & it's quite a store to visit. i love that video of the cats in the store. what a fun idea.

  4. Went to Ikea once to see what it was all about. Didn't care much for the meatballs and didn't need a darn thing, but we ended up spending nearly two hundred bucks anyway. Couldn't tell you what we bought. Had fun though.

  5. Oh. No. You didn't.
    BOL (Burst out laughing).
    If they had cats in Ikea, the store would be so much fun.
    What is the purpose of the fabric food?

    Aaaw...thanks for the award. I should hire you for image finding. Assembled cats...lol.

  6. @Sherilin.. the making of it is on youtube also.. so cute :)
    @Stephen.. One never knows what one buys at Ikea..:)
    @Ant.. Oh. yes. I. Did! Hehee... More important.. what is the purpose of the giant vegetables?

  7. You're hilarious.
    To get kids to eat more veggies. Cynical, I know.:)

    Meep, meep.

  8. Oh yeah, the big scary broccoli is going to make kids want to eat it..lol!

    Quack Quack!

  9. Frighteningly I have never been to IKEA. I wonder if this is a benefit or a burden?

  10. @Laoch you must go for the meatballs..... They call to you...

  11. IKEA has the best ads! I love their cinnamon buns!

  12. @Carole I don't know why but we don't seem to get Ikea adds here. I've never tried a cinnamon bun, but I DO love their Swedish Almond Cake w/Choc & Butterscotch thingies.

  13. Nice article, I love Ikea :P


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