Oct 7, 2011

I haves the internets...

Hey! I am back. Phew! Did you miss me? lol...
Yes, today our new internet provider txted us to let us know we were now connected. With super fast internet.. YAY! What a difference being in a new area makes. So I am sitting here, with my glass of red, right next to my balcony (with ocean views) and listening to the local music festival. Who needs tickets when you can just walk out onto your balcony? This is the life...
OO... who is this artist playing... Think it's Eskimo Joe.. WOO!

Found a cool Art shop today and they had a sale off everything I wanted. Couldn't resist buying myself a new watercolour brush. Hubby had a fit when I told him the price of the precious.. hehee... He doesn't understand.. lol. I just need to brave the maze of boxes in our garage to find my art box with my watercolour and drawing supplies in it. 

So we are going for a walk tomorrow down to the beach (which I may have mentioned is five minutes walk away). The music festival goes all weekend, so it will be pretty crowded I am guessing.

I promised I would post some pics of the baby birds. They aren't very pretty. In fact they are ugly little critters, but cute anyway.

Mumma Bird

The precious cargo

Little things tripled in size in a week. This is the last time I saw them :(


  1. How nice that you get to see waves and hear music all weekend!!...And I'm sorry, but that bird creeped me out a little. It looks like it has a human eye! Ewwwwwwwww!...Good thing the babies eyes are closed or I'd be screaming and running from my computer right now!! ^_^

  2. Glad to have you back in the real world!

  3. Yay, you're back. Glad to hear you're taking advantage of your new surroundings. Enjoy the brush!

  4. I enjoyed your pictures. Of all the media I employed as a professional illustrator, I found watercolor to be the most difficult. Such an unforgiving medium; so hard to make changes. But wine does help quite a bit. I hope you'll post some of your watercolors when you find the rest of your supplies.

  5. Glad you're back up & running.

    I'm still a little jealous, by the way.

  6. @poetess..lol.. it's the yellow around the eyes that make them look bigger. They really are pretty birds
    @Symdaddy..lol.. thanks!
    @Carole I will. Thanks.
    @Stephen thank you. I do love to take photos. Unfortunately the weather is not so good at the moment, so no painting for me.
    @Vinny what? Jealous..? Don't you live in the Bahamas?
    @Dbs you to Homey :)

  7. Missed you too.
    That is a pretty bird. Weird how the chicks look nothing like their parents in the beginning.

    Haven't you learned that such brushes must be brought into the house in stealth mode?;)

  8. @Ant he freaked out at the SALE price! LOL!


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