Oct 14, 2011

I love my beach (and a little rant)

Things are starting to settle down in our new place. The boxes are slowly disappearing, and things are finding a place to live in various cupboards, or be delegated back down to the garage. We've had a swim in the pool, and a couple of swims at the beach. Which I might have already mentioned is only a few minutes walk away.. :)

Hubby and Son have found a new Karate dojo to go to on Monday and Thursday nights. I now have Monday and Thursday nights back to myself, and I have even found an Artist who teaches watercolours. I start his class in a week or two. Very excited about that.

My Mum told me that they are going to be down our way at the end of the month. It's been a while since I've seen them. They are taking a break from house sitting at the cattle station to attend the birthday of my twin nieces that apparently me and my little family did not get an invite to. I could be hurt. I could be angry. And yes I am both, but mainly I am not surprised. I am sort of getting used to the subbing of me and mine from my siblings and their children. Hubby is absolutely livid and wants to crash it anyway.. But I couldn't be bothered. Really... after years of being left out of everything they do. Anyway... who needs them.

Well, I'm off to plan my creamy chicken carbonara for dinner.


  1. YAY for disappearing boxes!! I remember that feeling...Nice! :-) That means it's really becoming "home".

  2. Good for you, organizing your new life! You get to paint, your boys are happy, and your parents are coming for a visit! :)

  3. enjoy seeing your mom & settling into the new house. put it all together like a puzzle, each piece in its place.

  4. I can sympathize with the situation between you and your siblings. I have one brother and he hasn't spoken to me in ten years. He's ridiculously rich and deems me and MY family inferior to his and not worth socializing with. I saw him at our Dad's funeral but he wouldn't speak to me. As far as your siblings go, not including you in their lives is their loss....

  5. Nice that you are starting to settle in and excellent news about the art lessons.

  6. don't let the rudeness of some people affect the wonderful things happening in your life right now.

    It isn't worth the energy.

    Love that you are a "few minutes walk" from the beach and the fact that you are going to be taking a watercolor class to me is worth the ENTIRE MOVE! You should probably be TEACHING THE CLASS!

  7. @Poetess It does :)
    @Caroel.. aww thank you for your lovely words.
    @Sherilin That's exactly how it goes :)
    @Stephen Exactly. It's their loss.
    @Ant I know.. can't wait.
    @Caren Thank you.. I don't know about teaching watercolour..yet :) I am just a nube as far as watercolour painting goes:)

  8. I have a brother who has basically distanced himself from me and I decided a while back not to let it get to me. You cant choose your family but you can choose your friends. Yay for the watercolour classes. I get to try them next week at my course and am quite excited

  9. @Dbs thanks hommie :)
    @Mynx You are right, and I can choose to not let it bother me any more! Oo! cool, let me know how it goes... I'm excited to :)

  10. Finally able to log onto your page. Focus on spending time with your Mom. Don't worry about the others. I know exactly how you feel. Just let it go. xox

  11. @Nubian YAY! you're back :) I will, and thank you.


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