Oct 31, 2011

Birthday Boy

Yes we have celebrated another birthday in the Sprite household. It was my son's 11th birthday yesterday (30th).
It's amazing how time seems to have flown. It was not long ago that I was holding that piece of plastic with the two lines confirming what I already suspected. I wasn't surprised, freaked out, angry. I was content. Happy. Even though this pregnancy was an "accident" and I was a single mother, I couldn't have been more happier. This is what I was meant to be. A Mummy.

Anyway. We decided we wanted to buy him an electric guitar for his birthday. Hubby took him to the music shop one day and he took a fancy to a red Fender Squier. So, secretly, Hubby went back and ordered the red for him, and also picked one out for his birthday(which, as you know was a couple of weeks ago). They were around $170each. Anyway, the owner had to order our son's in. We got the call it had come in. Two days before son's birthday, Hubby goes to pick up both guitars and amps. Owner can't find son's anywhere, and then realises....
Hubby has a slight freakout (though remained remarkably calm for him). Owner is fuming with himself...
Pulls down a $700 Metallic Red Fender Stratocaster (OMG) and says "Here, have this one and I'll wear the extra cost myself"...

How extremely nice is that?
So now son has the guitar that Hubby always dreamed of....lol.
Son was suitably blown away.

So both my boys have their guitars. And I have decided I would like to learn to. But on an Acoustic. Which Hubby has.
Bought myself a pink .70cent pick and I am ready for my lessons..lol. 


  1. First, Happy Birthday to your son :-)

    And that is SO AWESOME the music shop owner did that!! :-D

  2. Happy Birthday to Mini Sprite.

    Awesome gift and I can't believe the shop owner replaced it. Noice.:)

    WV: "thelitte". Ha!

  3. My son wants the same thing. Wish I could get your deal though! Happy Birthday to your son.

  4. Happy Birthday to your 'pup'!

    When are we gonna see the family 'rock'video?

  5. @CatAndTheCoffeeCup I know. I met him today and he is a very nice man.
    @Ant Yeah it was a nice thing to do. I like it when things like that happen.
    @Dbs I know, it's very cool.
    @Symdaddy..lol.. cute :) I don't think we are quite there yet..lol!

  6. What a great story. Happy birthday to little sprite and have a happy holloween

  7. That was quite a gesture on the guitar store owner's part! I hope that the birthday was wonderful! My daughter is going to learn the electric guitar too.


    Wow that was sooo nice of that store! That was SUPREME customer service!

    Love your idea of just buying the pick and getting in on their action!

  9. The Fenders are nice. Light weight, easy to play; great gift.

  10. Wow that was nice of him! Maybe son could share with hubby sometimes? Pink is the perfect colour for your pick.

  11. @Frosty we don't celebrate Halloween here but thank you for the birthday wishes
    @LaughingMom Excellent!
    @Caren I know wasn't it? very nice.
    @Laoch I don't know much about them but it IS pretty.
    @Carole Hubby has his own..lol. Yeah I thought pink was perfect :)

  12. Oh my god, what a great gesture from the store owner. I actually flabbergasted at such a display of generosity. Wow!

    And happy birthday to your son. You and the hubs ROCK as parents!!!

  13. @David.. aww thank you.. we try our best, even though we don't have much money... Yes I was touched by the store owners gift :)


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