Nov 1, 2011

Sprite down..

My left arm has been sore (for over a month now), so after I couldn't put up with the pain any longer being nagged by Hubby, I finally went to the doctor yesterday. Today I had to have an ultrasound on it and it appears I have Bursitis. Which is inflammation of the Bursa. What is a Bursae you ask? Well it's a little sack located between two adjoining structures, like tendons, muscles and bones, that decrease friction and assist movement of the tendon over the bony surface.
It's caused by a sudden injury (like mine was), or overuse in a particular activity. It can be treated and it's best to do so before it becomes chronic.
Luckily they caught mine in time. But the treatment is not going to be fun. I have to get a shot into the shoulder under an ultrasound (so they can get it in the right spot). I get it on Friday. Meanwhile I have to take anti-inflammatory meds, and pain meds.
It's extremely painful. And I'm not allowed to do ANYTHING. Hopefully this shot will fix it.

Moby Update...
Moby is one SPOILT kitty. Went to visit the other day and he is living it up. He gets brushed every day, and eats like a royal. Sleeps on her bed at night. My friend is quite smitten with him and I got the impression that she would love Moby to stay there permanently. Which is a big relief. I tell you, my cat would charm even the hardest of hearts.


  1. I am so sorry about the bursitis and I pray that the shots aren't too painful. You are strong! You can handle it!

    Thrilled to read the news about Moby. I felt so bad for him when you moved. I hope Moby can stay with her if that is what you would like to have happen!

  2. If anyone can handle yet another thing it's you Sprite. Be strong.

  3. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery, and one that ia as pain free as possible. Keep us posted on your progress.

  4. Aww, I hope your delicate little wing heals well!

    And, yay for Moby!!! I love teh kitties. :)

  5. @Caren Hopefully they won't be.. as they will be guided by the ultrasound. Yes I was secretly hoping she would just take Moby for good...or until we could take him back.
    @Dbs thank you :)
    @Stephen Thank you Stephen :) I will.
    @David delicate..hehee! Thank you. I wubs my kitteh a lot :)

  6. Sorry you're having so much pain. Hopefully you'll be 'fit as a fiddle' after your shot on Friday. Sending good thoughts for that your way.

  7. 1. Great title for this post! It caught my attention immediately.
    2. I hope your gimpy wing feels better soon!
    3. Moby sounds happy, happy, happy!

  8. Two Questions:

    1. They do ultrasounds on arms?
    2. How the hell do you get your blog header to look like that?

  9. The cortisone (which is what I assume they are injecting) will make it feel better in the short run,. Bursitis is hard to clear up in the long run. Physical therapy might help a bit.

  10. @Carole lol. Thank you. Oh yes, he is one content kitty
    @Mr Schafner Hello :) Yes, an ultrasound is needed when it's muscle and tendon damage. Xrays are for bones.
    Go to Free Blogger Templates and select the theme you like, copy it into your design as a HTML and it will do all the rest for you.
    @Laoch yes cortisone. The doctor said I may need a few.... We'll see how it goes.

  11. I told you not to lift hubby.
    Sorry to hear that, hope it heals up soon. Laoch is right physical therapy will be helpful.

    Really happy to hear about King Moby and his human servant.:)

  12. @Ant ...up thirty stairs to! lol! Would you recommend acupuncture?
    King Moby is right... *shakes head* that darn cat... ;)

  13. Thanks for the answer to Question 2:

    However, it had unintended consequences: I lost 2 hours of my life, and I couldn't find one I considered as cool as yours.

    Such as life!

  14. @Mr. Schafner Maybe you could make one yourself... that would waste even more hours of your time.. lol :)


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