Nov 21, 2011

Boganism. What's with that?

The bogan neighbours next door annoy me.
 I love our apartment block. All of its residents are nice, civilised, and quiet. They respect that they have neighbours living close by.

Not so much the small apartment block next door.
 It’s full of loud mouthed, smoking, drinking bogans. They drive like maniacs with no regard for others safety, smoke with their kids in the car (illegal here), drive with toddlers in the front seat (highly illegal here), sit around till all hours of the morning, playing loud music, keeping their poor kids up (not to mention the whole neighbourhood), drinking and then having domestics..Where they seem to not be able to string a sentence together without every second word being the “F” word. The other night some guy came and had a big argument with one woman then proceeded to do a burnout down the street as he drove off. The black tyre marks are still on the road.

And now today... they swim IN OUR POOL! OUR POOL! Grrr.. not only that, the guy walks into the pool area with a beer bottle in his hand. WTH? (Hubby was straight on to the real estate about it.. hopefully they put a lock on the pool gate) Anyway, the nerve of them. And there is no excuse. We have a freaking BEACH just around the corner. You don’t use a pool that doesn’t belong to you. Ever here of public liability? I don't even want to use the pool now. Not until the chlorine has had a chance to do its thing.. what if they peed in it? ew.. Bogan pee....

I don’t judge people by where they live but seriously, no wonder folks have little respect for people like them when all they do is act like  A**holes. I know I sound harsh but I can’t tolerate inconsiderate boganism.

End of Rant.


  1. I must confess my ignorance, but: what is a "bogan?" And, is it catching?

  2. @David.. Australian version of tailor trash, and I hope to God, no.

  3. Haven't you got deserts in Oz? Can't they be bumped out there as dingo fodder?

  4. I, also, have never heard of the word "bogan." But I'll probably use it in the future.It's too bad that a handful of people can spoil things for everyone.

  5. Bogan.....great word!
    Bogan....inconsiderate neighbours to be sure! thankful it's not you!

  6. @Symdaddy..haha!
    @Stephen It's a good word.. yes it is a shame there are people out there who spoil things for others.
    @Carole I know right!

  7. don't blame you one bit! Send 'em my way, I'll kick their asses! :)

  8. Lol. "Bogan pee". And ugh.
    Great new word for the rest of us.

  9. Definitely sounds like a trailer park. The trailer parks in my area are seperate from other residential areas and they have tall concrete block walls around them. I've never thought about it before but after reading this post, it all makes perfect sense.

  10. @Ant It is a good word isn't it..
    @Nari.. hmm.. a wall you say?.. :)


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