Nov 27, 2011


So we have a new new I mean a second hand car gifted to us by our brother-in-law. (it’s really nice) As it happens, Hubby’s Dad’s car died and so we are loaning our little Nissan to him until he gets himself a new car. So yesterday we had to drive it to the place where he would be picking it up. Hubby was in the Nissan, and I was travelling behind in our new Ford. Along the highway Hubby got behind me so I was checking in my rear view mirror to see if he was catching up..anyway I notice him going into the passing lane and this green car dangerously swerving behind him. I slow down slightly so hubby can pass me, and this maniac in the green car is so dangerously close to Hubby’s back bumper..(Hubby later tells me he was so close the car was shaking and he had to break)...
He then passes me and comes over into my lane...the maniac then travels beside Hubby, swerving over, making gestures, trying to get Hubby to pull over.. Like on the side of the highway!! WTH?? Meanwhile I am watching all this, freaking out, heart pounding... Hubby is ignoring this fool and so he pulls in behind Hubby again and tailgates him for ages.... I am so mad and ready to ram this guy. Meanwhile some dude in a blue minivan pulls in between hubby and the green maniac. Green maniac eventually gets pissed off and pulls out and passes everyone, almost hitting a speed limit sign on his way past, being all stupid and hoony.
This was all because he didn’t want to do the correct speed limit. He put a whole lot of people in danger because of his stupidity. I was half expecting to see a big accident further up the highway with him in the starring role, but thankfully the rest of the trip was non-eventful. Dumbass...


  1. Hoony? I don't know what it means but I like it.
    (Some drivers are total assholes.)

  2. Some dude cut across three lanes in front of me to get to an exit ramp this afternoon. I was pissed. >:(

  3. Motorway madness! It only takes one idiot to cause a pile-up.

  4. It's amazing how many stupid people are even allowed to have a license! I see stupidity like this everyday and it makes me angry!

  5. WOW!! I'm glad nobody got hurt! O_0 People are some kind of crazy drivers these days!!

  6. @Dbs they sure are..
    @Ruth I would have been to.
    @Symdaddy you are right
    @Dan I just don't get why? I mean it doesn't get them anything.
    @Poetess I glad Hubby didn't pull over..

  7. It really is surprising that the human race has lasted this long. I am glad your husband ended up being ok.

  8. An incident similar to that is what I was alluding to in my recent Thanksgiving day post. As I told my relatives when they expressed concern for me driving back home so late: "It's not my driving skills I'm worried about. It's the other drivers on the road."

    I'm glad you and your hubby arrived safe and sound. I always say that drivers like that guy will get his just desserts eventually, driving like that. Too bad it will most likely involve some other innocent motorist he'll take down with his own stupidity.

  9. There is never any reason for this type of craziness on the road. It makes me sick to see someone who has a complete lack of respect for other people's lives.

  10. @David exactly!
    @Leslie Oh I agree with you totally..


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