Nov 29, 2011

Christmas, e-readers and allergies..

Christmas for the Sprite family this year will be celebrated at our place. At the beach.  We have decided that we are sick of being the ones to have to travel around the country side to visit people (and to be honest we simply can’t afford it). We have decided to be selfish this year. And why shouldn’t we!? We have a beach, a pool and a lot to be thankful for. The main one being we have made it to another Christmas with Hubby still in it.
Living with a terminal illness that could take you at any moment, kind of makes those special occasions even more precious.
Anyway. Hubby loves to cook. To entertain. But his selfish sister refuses to celebrate Christmas at our place so Hubby can indulge in his passion. Not even once. *sigh* I am actually so glad Hubby is putting his foot down this year and has decided that enough is enough. If they want to see us, they can come here.
So now we are planning Christmas Day being just us. And maybe my parents and Hubby’s Dad plus one. Which will be nice. Hubby will do the main meal and I have all sorts of sweet yummies planned for desert. One being “White Chocolate and cherry macaroons”. Maybe a big strawberry Pavlova as well. After the great strawberry Pavlova wars last year I am NOT going to back down on that one...(for those of you who don’t remember... I was going to make the Pavlova to take to sister-in-laws place. We agreed on it, it was all discussed...then SHE makes one herself! Totally snubbing me, grrr...)
So this year it will be a relaxing, come if you want, kind of day. Which is just the way it should be.

In other news.. My beloved Sony e-reader died. I had to actually continue reading Inheritance with the “real” book..  Anyway, they didn’t fix my e-reader but replaced it with the newest model.. WOOT! It has all these new features, AND.. WIFI! WOOT WOOT!! Hubby is sooo jealous.. Heh. Two things I don’t like about this new one is that it’s stylus is not attached to it (on the old one the stylus slid into a hole on the side) and that its black cover is not dull but shiny. I don’t like shiny. I must clean shiny things, and it annoys me when I get fingerprints on it. I liked the dull, matt finish on the old one. But that’s about it. It does have some cool new features, like the WIFI, and it has a touch zoom feature (like an iPod) and more font sizes, which is good for me with my bung left eye.

My son has his school breakup this year. They have asked us to bring a share plate for morning tea. Now one thing about homeschooled kids is that a lot of them are home schooled because they have severe allergies. So anything we make HAS to be egg and nut free. Alright for Hubby, he is making sushi. But I LOVE to make cupcakes. SO I have had to search the internet for egg free cupcake recipes. Which is not so hard, but I have yet to try a recipe that tastes nice, and won’t kill any children. I am thinking of chocolate cupcakes, with a nice chocolate-butter icing. We shall see.


  1. Well done 'Mr. Sprite' for putting your foot down!

    Hope you have a great time on the beach.

  2. Your Christmas plans sound wonderful! When you are sitting on your beach or swimming in the pool you can think of us, driving 20hrs, through snow and ice, to spend Christmas with our eldest daughter and son-in-law!

  3. Good for you for your Christmas plans!! Those macaroons sound yuuuuuummm as well!

  4. thinking I wouldn't mind the recipe for the macaroons.
    I am the Pav maker in our house. Taken a bit to get used to the new oven so fingers crossed we wont have an egg white disaster over the festive season.
    I have everybody coming to my house this year too so I am planning as relaxed as it can be. I think yours sounds just wonderful

  5. staying home and not going anywhere is not selfish, it's more like self preservation. my better half and I get dragged all over the place to appease all the branches of our family. This year, we are having dinner at our place, and our philosophy is come or don't come, partake or don't take, all I can say is that I am more than happy to sit at my place and be a tad selfish myself! Good for you guys!

  6. @Symdaddy I agree!
    @Carole Please stay safe in all that snow and ice!
    @Ruth I thought so to :)
    @Mynx it's on the internet..I'll find the link for you :)
    @Average Girl that's what we think. Parts of Hubby's family don't get on, so it's difficult trying to get people over. So we were like, come if you want, or don't, but we are staying put!


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