Nov 19, 2011

Sharing secret moments of hilarity.

My mother and I have a very similar sense of humour, and always find ourselves sharing secret moments of hilarity. Sometimes at the most inappropriate of times.
The other day after the funeral of our friend, everyone was gathered under the nice under covered area, gathered into small groups. Some solemn, others laughing and talking. There were two tables filled with lovely plates full of treats, so given we were hungry, we sort to empty these serving trays of their burdens. I was standing in front of my Mum, both of us clutching our little empty paper plates when suddenly she dropped hers. I bent down to pick it up and the man in front of me just happened to put his foot back at the same time and stood on the plate. I was in a precarious position, bent over with my hand on the plate, and my head hovering near the man’s suit-clad buttocks. I finally managed to pry the plate out from under his foot, and, straightening up, noticed my mother in silent hysterics. So I said to her.. “I thought I was going to have to drop-kick him there for a minute”.. which put us into fits of giggles.
Another time we were at our local restaurant waiting for our meals to arrive. My parents were there, along with Hubby’s Dad and girlfriend. I don’t know how it happened but my Dad put his drink down on the table and it clipped the edge of his fork, sending it hurtling, end on end up over his head and back towards the lady seated behind us, narrowly missing skewering Dad’s eye as it sailed past. Luckily it didn’t hit the lady, who was none the wiser. As my Dad sheepishly retrieved it off the floor, my Mum and I were almost catatonic with laughter. No-one else really saw it happen.
There are times we share that the other wasn’t there to see, but laugh at all the same... like the time all the plastic bags escaped out of the boot of my car and terrorised the neighbourhood..
Or when a duck... a DUCK... SAT on my Mums shoulder. Just because.
None of this is funny to anyone else, but they are things I love to share with my Mum. Things I will always remember with a smile or a giggle.

In other news... I have had my eye appointment. The steroids don't appear to be treating this latest Uveitis, but they still want me to stay on them. I go back in a month, but in the mean time I have to have another electrode test... remember way back when I had to have those wires  ON MY EYE BALLS....? Yes, I have to do THAT again. BLECK! fun times....

Got my parcel from Amazon. .. a Q&A 5 year journal..
What you do is answer the question on the top of the page, then come back in five years and do the same. It's a really neat way to see how your life changed, if at all, over a five year period...
Anyway...the cover is made of brown paper and I think I might add my own flair to it and do some drawing on it as well.. I'll post pics when it is done.

My ocean is so blue today and it is calling to me, so see you all and have a great weekend. stay safexx


  1. It's great you and your mom share the same sense of humor. My parents didn't laugh much but liked jokes because they are formulaic and you know when you're supposed to laugh.

  2. I thought your stories were hilarious!! I loved the having to "drop kick" the man to get his foot off of the plate! lol

    I am so sorry about the steroids and cannot even imagine a wire going around my eye. I soooo want them to find SOMETIHNG to help you!

    Love the idea of the 5 yr journal but at my age...Hmmmm...each year having another 5 yrs gets more and more precarious lol.

    Hope you enjoyed the ocean!

  3. @Stephen.. I don't really "do" formulated!
    @Caren it was a funny moment.
    I know, me to :)
    Oh you are not THAT Old! LOL!

  4. Hubby and I have these moments too... :-)

  5. And come to think of do I with the cat. But it's one-sided - she always looks at me so quizzically when I begin laughing hysterically.

  6. Very cool journal.
    Very funny mommy.
    Very bad eye.
    Enjoy your blue beach!

  7. @CatAndTheCoffeCup..BOL! Funny :)
    @Carole, yesX3, and I will :)

  8. The journal sounds like an interesting experiment.

  9. Have you ever heard the expression "Seeing Pink elephants"? A euphemism for (drunken) hallucinations (see

    Well, I was in a German pub trying to explain this concept to several members of the German side of my family (in-laws). They didn't get it, so I gave up.

    After an hour or so, as we left the pub to go home, there, on the road right out side the pub was a huge pink elephant!

    I, somewhat inebriated, burst into fits of laughter. I laughed until the tears came and my stomach began to cramp. What made me laugh all the more is that the 'in-laws' just couldn't see what was funny!

    They always regarded me as strange after that incident!

  10. I have moments like that with my mum too. And my sons too which is wonderful. And I think a duck landing on your mum is hilarious. Had me giggling like mad.

    Sorry your eye isn't getting better. Hope they can get it sorted for you soon.

  11. @Mynx I know, when she told me about the duck, it was so funny:) She said it just sat there for

  12. Truly hilarious moments.:)
    I have those with my dad.


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