Nov 6, 2011

Kleptomaniac Cat.

Kleptomaniac Cat.

Years ago, I had a cat by the name of Celest.  I acquired her when she was only a baby, turning up bedraggled and starving on my back door step one night.  Oh she was all cute and innocent back then. The poor, stranded kitty. Little did we know that as she got older she would turn to a life of crime. If I had of known, back then, I would have tried some kitty counseling. An intervention. Something…
It all started when we moved back in with my parents. Perhaps she was acting out. Maybe it was all an attention seeking thing.
It started with the sock.
One, man’s sized footy sock.
Lying there in our back yard. We had no idea where it came from, so Mum just put it aside, thinking nothing more of it. It wasn’t long before another sock appeared in the yard. The next day, another. This was starting to get serious. Where were they coming from?
Then one day we saw the culprit. Celest was slinking home from another raid on the neighbours house with, yes, a sock in her mouth.
“OMG! Mum ! It’s Celest! She’s the sock-thief!”

Apparently the neighbours next door had three grown boys who were tradies and they wore two pairs of footy socks each with their work boots. Celest thought that these smelly, sweaty, socks were marvelous, and so she felt the need to pilfer. Pretty soon we had a basket of misbegotten socks. It fell upon my mortified Mother to confess to the neighbours about our criminal cat and return the loot. They thought it was hilarious.

Celest’s criminal ways did not stop when we moved to another house. Her booty became more varied, a child’s shirt, a small plastic giraffe, and underwear . But her main love was socks. She was always an odd little thing. She used to wait outside the bathroom door and when the shower was turned off, beg to be let in so she could rub against our wet legs. Odd.

Sadly, Celest died years ago after being hit by a car, but we always have a laugh when we remember our kooky kleptomaniac cat.

This post inspired by Dbs HERE


  1. On the bright side, she knew how to "take care of business" in her litter box.
    And you have to admire that in an animal.
    RIP poor little kitty!

  2. Our cats not only steal socks from us, they steal the pilfered socks from each other. I think socks might be currency in the cat world. Check your neighborhood for a feline sock redemption center.

  3. Awwww! :-( Sorry to here your kitty is gone because it's clear that socks weren't the only thing she stole. She stole your hearts too.

  4. This puts a totally new spin on that dryer theory.

  5. LOL.
    At least mine has the good sense to bring me my own socks. One at a time.

  6. omg too funny! But I am so sorry about her passing. She sounds like the cat that lives in California that the Animal Planet featured on Cats 101...too funny!

  7. @Stephen, sounds like that may be the case :)
    @Poetess she certainly did.
    @Dbs I know.. everyone always blames the dryer
    @Ant LOL! Cute.. maybe next you can try the morning paper.. heheee...
    @@Caren yes it was funny at the time. I was pretty devastated when she died.

  8. @Laoch She sure was:) Kept us on our toes LOL

  9. I think she may have visited my washing machine!


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