Nov 11, 2011

I DREW today...

Well my left eye may be stuffed for good and my arm is killing me (although not so much as last night after the injection...WOW that hurt like a SOAB!!), but a least I did something today. Today I DREW... and it felt good (although it was a bit difficult) Anyway here is today's effort...

Here are a few more I've done since the last lot...
This one I drew on the's a clam btw..

This one reminds me of the spiral shell left over from a sea urchin...

See a theme going on here..? yep. The sea and
Sorry about the creaminess of the paper, it IS white but I took the pics with my camera as I don't have my scanner set up yet.
So I am going to the funeral tomorrow..I think there will be quite a few people there. Any way. It will be good to say goodbye.

 Hope you all have a great weekend :)

OO! In other exciting news. I can now play "Song of Joy" on the guitar. Not very well mind you, but I was even able to work out all by myself and then play the verse bit that wasn't written in the book.. how's that! LOL!


  1. Lovely artwork, Sprite. I really like these! Especially the eye -- very meta! :)

    And my condolences on the loss of your neighbor's friend. Funerals are so utterly depressing, but the shared grieving can help in these worst of times.

  2. The drawings are fabulous - even with a sore arm.

  3. Yep! I saw the sea...and the eyes. Funny how our brains work, isn't it?! ^_^ And guitar playing too?....WOW!

  4. Wow! You did good Miss Sprite! I especially love the clam. Beach, guitar, drawing.....good medicine. xo

  5. Love the nautilus. So clever to put it in the eye.
    These are really good.

  6. @David thank you. Funeral was sad. But nice.
    @Laughingmom thank you!
    @poetess thanks, and yep the guitar!
    @Carole..aww thank you so much :) It is.
    @Dbs it sure does.
    @Ant Thank you, I just had this vision (LOL) drew it beside the pool :)
    I think my drawing is evolving beyond normal zentangle don't you think.. getting a bit more... more.

  7. Really amazing artwork. You have a true talent.

  8. I love your work and how you incorporate the nautilus shell.

  9. Hi Mildred, and thank you for the lovely comment.

  10. Wow, you are seriously talented! A M A Z I N G!



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