Dec 7, 2010


Last year we were lucky enough to afford to get yearly passes to Dreamworld Theme Park. I didn't care for whatever else we had planned for the day after I saw my Tigers. They are what I went for. I even got to pat one once!I'm pretty much in love with all of these big beautiful boys. I have many photos of them, but I picked out a few of my favourites to share with you.

This white one is the Daddy


  1. You wanna see a big kitty?? Check this out...

    Now what?! LOL

  2. I love Tigers!!! Especially white ones! Thanks for sharing!

  3. @ Rachel.. hmmm.. I don't know whether I like it or not. It seems wrong to me. Like the super cows.. lol
    @ Caren I like the white one to!

  4. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing, I love your profile picture too, looks so real... What is it exactly?

  5. @ Shopgirl. Welcome to my page. Thanks for the comments on my photos. I love taking pics of animals, but they are difficult to capture at times. As for the profile pic, I came across it one day. It's a little sprite curled up on top of someones thumb. It just appealed to me. Which is why I also used it in the banner.

    @dbs But they're sooo CUTE! See in the first pic, his paws are as big as the guys!


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