Dec 10, 2010


Just wanted to share some of the things I've painted/drawn over the last few years. Hope you like.
Hibiscus. Christmas present for Mum 2009

Quick sketch and watercolour wash of Koi pond (It didn't scan all that well)

Trevelly. Christmas present for Dad 2009


Elephant Tray. Present for Mum

Lillies. For myself, I like lillies :)

Bowl of Fruit (Photo is fuzzy, took it on with my phone before I discovered digital

Old World Roses. Pretty mirror


  1. You are soooo talented!!!! I can draw (or I should say I USED to be able to draw...I NEVER draw anymore) but I can't paint worth a darn....I sooooooo admire those like yourself who CAN!

  2. @Caren.. I didn't think I could paint like this to. But I took some folk art classes and got the knack of it so quickly I ended up teaching the class!
    Thankyou for the compliments! xxx
    Im currently experimenting with watercolour pencils.. subject: MOBY!

  3. you are waaaaay too modest! Painting is NOT something that everyone can do!
    I wish I lived near you to have you TEACH ME!!
    You are extremely talented!
    Let me know what you think of the watercolor pencils, that might be something I would have better luck with because holding them like a pencil would afford me more control

  4. @ Caren I have been using watersolour pencils for years. I find that the best brands are Faber Castel or Derwent. If you can find an art store that sells the pencils seperatly then you can buy the colours as you need them. You need a brand with a very soft and vibrant lead, as you are just wanting to put a little colour on the paper so you can wash it with your brush. I also use a little penbrush that holds water, its better than a brush, as you just squeeze it to get more water.

  5. thank you for the info! I won't be trying it that soon but it is something I might consider trying one of these days!

  6. It worked :) And hello.
    Saw your work the other day, tried to comment...
    Fond of your subject matter myself. What media do you use?
    Then I saw your comment, was about to recommend the same watercolor pencils; Faber-Castell, which you already use.
    Great work.

  7. Hi A&G! Glad it worked,. I pressed some buttons and hoped for the best...
    Yeah I like Faber-Castell because you can buy them over here indervidually.
    Currently using Derwent, and I have a bigger set of cheepies I use for larger areas. I'm a bit obsessed with Koi at the moment.
    The paints I use are acrylics. I've never tried oils and don't really have any desire to do so.
    Thanks for your comment, and you are welcome back any time.

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