Dec 22, 2010

Despite this, My Cat still Loves Me..

After many weeks of saving I finally bought myself a new camera! It's a Canon Powershot XS120 IS. I love it. It is so clever. While I work out the many features on it ,I have the setting on AUTO and it does everything. After visiting Carens' Cat Chat I was inspired to do some creative Photography. Subject: Moby.
While he wasn't a very co-operative model I did manage to snap a few cute pics. (After I realised I should have set the camera to SMALL CHILDREN AND PETS. lol.. oh well.. live and learn!) Merry Christmas everyone!
I managed to sit him in a white wreath I have

this one was blurry because he was trying to escape..

This one is my favourite so I jazzed it up a little


  1. I think these came out AMAZING!!!! You are going to have the BEST photos on your blog! These are sooooooo cool! My photos either come from my phone (lol) or from stock files online!
    Moby looks ADORABLE! You did an amazing job! xoxoxo
    Thanks for the shout out too!
    Cat Chat

  2. Yeah once I get the shutter speed worked out they will be better. I'm quite impressed with this camera.

  3. Dear Moby,
    this too shall pass. Mom got a new camera.

  4. @ A&G Nah! He's totally into it...
    Can't you see it in his eyes.. :)

  5. i love to dress up my cats. well, the little one mainly. and i like to take humiliating pictures of her when she's dressed too. you know, to blackmail her when she starts dating.

  6. @SherilinR OMG that is just evil... I LOVE IT!

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