Dec 15, 2010

How I met my Cat.

How I met my Cat.
In 2001 I was a very new single mum. I had moved in with my parents, and when my son was 8 months old I decided to get myself a kitty. So I looked through the local papers until I found an add I liked the sound of. I rang the owners and a time was set to view the kittens.
When I arrived I was greeted at the door by what I was later told was the kittens mother. She was a gorgeous short haired ginger and white kitty. The Daddy was ginger and white as well but he had longer hair. The owners took me to the room that the kittens were in and I sat on the floor to watch them for a bit while they waddled around and played with each other. They were only three weeks old at this stage, and today I was only picking out which one I wanted. They wouldn’t be ready to take home for a few more weeks after they were weaned off their mummy.
I eventually decided on one kitten that was a light ginger all over, and cuddled it for a while before bidding a reluctant goodbye.
Some time later the kittens owners rang to tell me my little fur baby was ready to be picked up!
When I got there things didn’t quite go to plan. I spotted the kitten I had picked and when I went to pick it up it hissed at me and ran away! Oh no! What was I going to do? I couldn’t bear to have a kitty who hated me! Lol..
I sat there for a while hoping that the kitty would come out. But while I was waiting, another kitty spotted me. He was a very cute chubby baby, with lovely ginger and white markings on him. He waddled over to me, climbed into my lap and looked up into my eyes. I had been PICKED, and I was in love. The feeling was obviously mutual.
I took my new fur baby home. He was so small and cute. I named him Moby. My son and Moby got along so well I nick-named them “The Twins”. If one was getting into mischief you could bet the other was not far behind, or lending a helping hand/paw.
Moby grew into an enormous long haired scruff of a cat. He is extremely loving and follows me everywhere, sticking to my leg like a barnacle. His fur gets everywhere. He once went missing for two days, before he eventually turned up again. One morning I found him with a cat food tin stuck on his head. He loves to chase sticks, hates dogs and chases them to. He loves to squeeze his big body into the smallest of places. He sometimes sleeps in the weirdest of spots, and in the craziest positions.
It shocked me to realize that he is now nine years old. I think he is the cat I’ve had for the longest amount of time. I’ve been very lucky in that he has been a very healthy cat, having only had to take him to the vet once in all his years.
 I know He is an old timer now, and that one day he will eventually pass on, but while he is still with us he will be dearly loved.
He will be my Moby.


  1. Cats don't just pick you. They OWN you. Old timer? Late middle age :)Greetings to your silent predator.

  2. @A&G he certainly doesnt act like an old timer. Maybe I just think he is because I've had him such a long time :)

  3. What a sweet story! I've heard of cats living for 20+ years. Moby may be with you a lot longer than you think!


  4. This was a beautiful, beautiful story about your precious Moby!!
    I have always heard that cats "pick us, we do NOT pick them!!" This story is proof of that!
    When I adopted my Cody (2 weeks after Bobo passed) I actually wanted to adopt his sister who was a miniature clone of my Bobo...I had my heart set on her. Just like what you experienced she wanted NOTHING to do with me (which at the time broke my heart)....
    Then my eyes fell on playful Cody (who was gray and not my first choice) until....when I picked him up he sat and sat and cuddled and cuddled and acted as if he never wanted me to go.....I didn't...I adopted him ON THE SPOT!

  5. A beautiful and well written story. I miss my cats but now I have a rabbit. She is too sweet but very quiet which can be a little disconcerting for a cat owner.

    Thanks for sharing a little slice of Moby with us.

  6. @ K9friend Does that mean Moby will soon be going through a mid-life crisis? Oh boy! Thankyou for your nice comment!

  7. @Caren Awww.. that is so sweet. Yep we definatly got "picked".

  8. @Shopgirl A Bunny! I'd love a bunny, but unfortunatly we have laws over here which say you can't have a rabbit for a pet :(
    Thankyou for the lovely comments.

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